The Single Most Important Quality Of A True Genius

Zack Minott

And it isn’t just endless knowledge, acute intelligence, or curiosity.

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Genius is made out to be some mystical occurrence that only a few great people were blessed with having.

That intelligence is the single factor that defines the success of extraordinary creators like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, J.K. Rowling, George R.R. Martin, Albert Einstein, and whoever else you might deem having ‘genius’ level intelligence.

Others say that in order to even dream of reaching this level that you have to constantly learn every single day and aim to be better than you were the day before.

This is fantastic advice, but the simple act of taking in endless amounts of information and facts isn’t going to help you achieve their level of success or creative genius. Not even upgrading these facts to applicable intelligence is going to do that for you.

Don’t just absorb and vomit out facts.

Applying what you learn is very important.

Knowledge and understanding are very important as well.

But the most important thing is the ability to draw connections about what you learn and be creative and imaginative with that information in a way that you can create something entirely and authentically new.

That’s what truly defines uniqueness and creative genius. Separating yourself from the herd of sheep.

The Fine Line Between Knowledge And Creativity

First, let us understand the differences between knowledge, intelligence, and creativity so that you don’t get confused.

Knowledge is nothing more than just raw information, facts, formula, and data.

Intelligence is the ability to process that information in meaningful and constructive ways for comprehension and understanding

Creativity and Imagination is the unique ability to transform all that information and data into entirely new and original ideas altogether.

Knowledge is Limited, Creativity Is Limitless

Even in a world where there seems to be a boundless and infinite amount of information available through the tips of our fingers via a handheld device that fits in our pockets, there still exists a limit to the amount of information that we have access to.

All this information is already confirmed and grounded in reality.

It has all already been brought to fruition and existence for us to have access to and learn about.

Imagination, on the other hand, forces us to dive deeper into that information. To look at that information in ways never thought of before.

Imagination ultimately serves as an attempt to describe that which we could potentially know.

A microscopic glance at the unknown unearthed by the human ability to imagine what could be beyond what is grounded in objective reality.

“Creativity is seeing what the rest of the world logically sees with their eyes but thinking really like no one has ever thought before”. — Albert Einstein

Knowledge Is A Precursor To Creativity

Information gathering and understanding is simply the first step in catalyzing the inspiration for creative thought.

The more you understand, the more opportunity you will have in drawing connections in the world around you.

Your ability to connect seemingly unrelated things and create concepts and substances that are authentically new is a superpower of the human mind that is vastly underutilized.

Without knowledge, we would never have intelligence.

Without intelligence, we would never be able to reason about that knowledge in creative ways.

Without creativity and imagination, the world would be dull and non-progressive.

Knowledge can be seen as the match that is used to light the fire of our imaginations which ultimately leads to the birth of original thought and innovation.

The World Is Built on Top of the Minds of the Most Creative Individuals

Everything in the world around you is a product of the creativity of another individual.

You wouldn’t have any of your apple products if Steve Jobs wasn’t able to imagine the connection between design, computer hardware, and human interaction ultimately breeding the foundations of user interface and user experience.

You wouldn’t have any movies or books if writers were incapable of formulating beautiful worlds and experiences inside of their heads.

Albert Einstein would have never made catastrophic breakthroughs in science without his ability to imagine space and time through his observations in the world around him.

And we would have never been able to appreciate the art of people like Leonardo DaVinci if he was never able to incorporate anatomy, nature, and engineering into creating the most photo-realistic paintings of his time.

Don’t you see?

It is the creativity of individuals that changes the world and drive innovation forward through their vision. It is the intelligence and knowledge of others that simply powers the machine.

The creative man creates tears in the fabric of reality that echo change throughout the world.

The intelligent man follows the dreams and imagination of the creative man.

Intelligence Lasts A Lifetime, Creativity Is Immortal

You can study and learn all that you want in an attempt to breed your inner genius, but all of that goes out of the door into nothingness once you step into darkness at the end of your life.

Intelligence is a mere object that finitely exists inside of your mind until it withers away as nothing more than a memory along with you and your soul.

But that which you create, that which you imagine, the things that you change, that lasts forever.

We don’t remember people like Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King Jr., or any other great figure of the past by a metric of their intelligence.

No, we remember them for the action they took, for the creative avenues they took in finding solutions that changed our lives, and for having imaginations so powerful that they transformed thought and ideas into reality.

It is their imaginative creations, ideas, and solutions that will ring forever in history.

Final Thoughts

It is essential to understand that creativity cannot be forced. It counterintuitively inhibits the mind to come to imaginative solutions.

Instead, you must learn relentlessly, draw connections between that which you know, and allow your mind to wander effortlessly into places that you never dared to explore.

Who knows, maybe your imagination and creativity will not only change the lives of the people near and dear to you but bring the world to a new frontier.

So be creative, be daring, and open your mind to what is possible.

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