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A Nashville Man Ate McDonald's 3 Times a Day for 100 Days & Lost 58.5 Pounds. He also Exercised & 'Improved his Health'

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A Nashville man did something unthinkable by doing an experiment. He chose to eat McDonald's three times a day for 100 days but would limit himself to only half of the meal. Before the 100-day experiment, he was considered "pre-diabetic." When it was over, he was back into "healthy ranges."
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WSMV 4 News reported that Kevin Maginnis, a 57-year-old grandfather from Nashville, Tennessee, wanted to do an experiment by eating McDonald's three times a day for 100 days, but he limited himself to half of the meal portions of whatever he ate.

Kevin Maginnis completed his experiment on 31 May 2023 and documented his 100-day experience on his TikTok account: @bigmaccoaching.

Super Size Me (2004) Was a Similar Experiment, Different Results

In the famous 2004 documentary, Super Size Me, Morgan Spurlock brought awareness to how fast food can affect one's health. In the documentary, he ate only McDonald's for 30 days and documented his health decline during the 30 days, but Spurlock didn't limit himself to half-portions like Kevin Maginnis.

Would you believe that Maginnis lost weight doing this experiment?

He sure did. Kevin lost 58.5 lbs., and also says that his "cholesterol, blood sugar, and heart attack risk numbers improved." Keep in mind that he also did not snack between meals, he drank water with the meals and exercised to improve his health.

When Maginnis started the 100-day "McDonald's challenge," he weighed 238 lbs. At the end of the 100 days, he weighed 179.5 lbs.

He also says his wife joined him about halfway through his 100-day challenge and she lost about 20 lbs.

It’s All About Portion Control

The key to Kevin’s weight loss was that he only ate half of each meal he ordered at McDonald’s.
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When discussing portion control, Maginnis said:

“Half a plate to lose the weight – three-quarters of a plate to maintain the weight, any food, including McDonald’s.” -Kevin Maginnis
“I was pre-diabetic before – down into healthy ranges now.” -Kevin Maginnis

Kevin was asked what he plans to eat on day "101" (when the challenge is over).

He said:

"I never got burnt out on it. People ask, 'What's the first meal gonna be on day one hundred and one?' and the answer is, 'I'll probably have a Big Mac for lunch, but I will have a filet mignon for dinner.'" -Kevin Maginnis

Day 99: Kevin Received a Special Package from McDonald's

On Day 99 of his challenge, Kevin received a special gift box from McDonald's Corporate. Kevin posted a TikTok video (@bigmaccoaching) of him opening the box and reading the card.

The card he received from McDonald's read:

"Hey Kevin, Our fans are the best in the world and we love seeing the unique ways they enjoy McDonald's. Since you've shown your ultimate fandom, we knew the "bigmaccoach" needed an official coach's wardrobe. Hope these gifts make you feel like a McDonald's MVP. Your friends at McDonald's." -McDonald's Corporate

The video can be viewed below.

On Day 100, Kevin flew to New York City to be on the TODAY show and discuss his 100-day experiment.

The McDonald's challenge is obviously not realistic for most people to improve their health. Always consult with a doctor before starting a new diet, so the doctor can monitor the progress of your health.


Do you think it is healthy to eat McDonald's (or any other fast food) every day to lose weight?

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Kevin Maginnis account on TikTok: @bigmaccoaching

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