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Detroit Woman Says: 'I Just Got Scammed at Verizon Store' After Rep Gives Family '2 Free Apple Watches' & Bill Increases

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A Detroit woman says that a Verizon representative gave her mom two free Apple watches (SE model) without any "strings attached" and says there are no cellular plans on the watches. Their family plan then suddenly increases to about $600 "until the promotion kicks in." She thinks they were lied to by the Verizon representative about the Apple watches and doesn't know what to do to get the plan fixed.
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A Detroit, Michigan woman is convinced that the Verizon representative lied to them after several recent experiences at her local Verizon store.

Detroit Woman Explains the Situation Behind the 'Free Apple Watches'
Megan holding 2 "free" Apple watchesPhoto by@meganmauk on TikTok

Megan posted a TikTok video (@meganmauk) on 27 May 2023 explaining what happened.

She said:

"I just got scammed at the Verizon store and my bill is $600."
"So me and my whole family are on a family business plan. We were all upgrading our phones last month, about 30 days ago and we went into the Verizon store, my parents did, to pick up the phones [and] to order the phones. We exchanged our paid-off phones for new phones, and in the process, the guy went up to the manager and said, 'Hey since they're buying so many phones...[Video edited] and she continues, 'We also have the Verizon home internet, so the manager was like, 'Give them two free Apple watches.' she explained, because there were additional promos that we didn't even know of." -Megan, Verizon customer

So Verizon gave Megan's mother 2 Apple watches (SE models) and her mother gave them to Megan. Her mother thought it was "too good to be true," as Megan explained,"...because who the heck is giving out free watches?"

The Verizon representative assured Megan's mother that there was "no cellular attached" to the watches. Megan thought that sounded strange, and said to her mother:

"Mom, you need to double-check, that is like, weird." -Megan, Verizon customer

Megan & Mother Stop at the Verizon Store Just to Make Sure

Megan is thinking about "gifting" one of the "free" Apple watches but just wanted to go to the Verizon store with her mother to make sure everything is on the up and up.

She said:

"Okay, I cannot retract a gift. That is embarrassing." -Megan, Verizon customer

Megan said:

"So I talked to the same guy who hooked us all up and he assured me there was 'no strings attached' to this watch. 'You can give it as a gift, it does not matter. There is no cellular plan, it is literally just a watch.' I walked out of there and I'm about to give it away as a gift. Then her mom is like, 'The plan is a little high.' The guy assured her that 'in two or three months, everything is going to change, it's all going to go down,' and she essentially just needed to wait." -Megan, Verizon customer

They Receive a $600 Bill in the Mail

Megan says when they get the first bill in the mail, it is $600.

After this high bill, Megan's mother then goes back to the store to discuss the bill. At that point, Verizon tells her mother that the Apple watches do have cellular plans attached to them, despite being told otherwise on two previous occasions.

Megan said:

"Now we are paying for our phones, there is no promo now, because the phones are like 30-something dollars a month, and that, in a couple of months, the plan 'will go down,' but we have to keep paying the $600 until the promos go in. I have never heard of that in my life." -Megan, Verizon customer

Megan says she doesn't know how she can trust the Verizon employee that told her one thing but it turned out to be a lie.

She is unsure if her Verizon family business plan will actually decrease "when the promo" kicks in.

The TikTok video can be viewed below.

@meganmauk verizon employee just scammed me (im going in to speak with the employee one last time and to return the watches) @Verizon ♬ original sound - meg


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