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Omaha Residents Watch Neighborhood Peacock Population Double with 'Annoying Screaming All Day,' Little Can Be Done

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Residents in Omaha, Nebraska have had a peacock problem for years, and have watched a few pet peacocks grow into a large flock, and the local Humane Society and Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium do not offer assistance with problems that arise from the unchecked population.
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Peacocks can be pretty to look at, but most people only expect to see them in a zoo, right?

Omaha Residents Have a Growing Peacock Population, Origin Unknown

Omaha residents are growing tired of the nuisance that they cause after their number has grown quite large over the years as a non-native bird to Nebraska. Peacocks are native to South Asia, so to see them roaming the neighborhood in Omaha might require a double take if you are new to the area.

WOWT 6 News first reported on the growing peacock problem in 2016, and since then, the problem has only gotten worse for local residents. According to local residents and the Nebraska Humane Society, the origin story of the peacocks is largely the same; a few birds came into town and started the population that exists today in Omaha. However, no one really knows where those few birds came from.

The picture below was taken in 2016 and shows several peacocks congregating on the front porch of an Omaha home. Imagine if that homeowner wants to go outside in their own front yard and they step in peacock excrement on the front porch, or if the bird wants to act aggressively on the property.
Omaha residence with peacocks in frontPhoto byWOWT 6 News

One resident, Marlene Blickenstaff told WOWT in 2016:

"I think it’s unique, not every neighborhood has got peacocks and they keep the spiders down."

Peacock Population 'Annoying' & 'a Problem' According to Residents

WOWT 6 News reported that the peacock population "has doubled" since 2016, and resident Marianna DiStefano calls this unchecked bird population a "problem."
3 peacocks on a railPhoto byWOWT 6 News

She spoke to WOWT 6 News and doesn't "sugarcoat" the situation.

She said:

“You feel like you’re in a jungle...and you know they’re not just beautiful. They’re a nuisance.” -Marianna DiStefano

Marianna admittedly has tried calling the Mayor's Hotline, the Nebraska Humane Society, and Nebraska Game and Parks, to no avail.

She said:

"Nobody seems to do anything about it."

That is a frustrating feeling for Marianna DiStefano.

Another resident, Paul Graner, shares about their annoying tendency to scream.

He said:

“At any given time, we’ll have about 14 of them.... They become annoying, screaming all day long but no, they’re good animals.” -Paul Graner

Steve Glandt, the vice president of field operations at the Nebraska Humane Society doesn't have an answer to the problem.

He said:

“I wish I had a hard and fast answer, but I really can’t say that."
“As far as the Nebraska Humane Society, we really don’t have the personnel strength or the resources with these cages and things like that to even attempt to trap something,” said Glandt. “And then if we do, we have to determine whether are we legally able to relocate, which I don’t think we are.” -Steve Glandt, Vice President of Nebraska Humane Society

*The Nebraska Humane Society can only step in and take action if the peacocks "harm a person or damage property." Until that happens, they have to treat them like a flock of wild turkeys and "let them be."

The Nebraska Wildlife Rehab will only do something if a peacock is injured, they will step in to care for it.

For now, nothing will be done about the peacocks in Omaha. They are here to stay.


What would you do if you had a growing population of peacocks in your neighborhood that became a nuisance?

Have you experienced something similar with a nuisance animal (i.e. a groundhog, a mole, a vole, chipmunks)?

(Share your experience in the comments section)

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