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Florida Woman Takes a $7 DoorDash Delivery Order, Picking up 83 Pizzas Because it was 4 Miles, and Only Gets $50 Tip

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A DoorDash delivery driver in Florida takes a pizza order, which is only for 4 miles away from the pizza shop, but when she arrives, she learns that it is for 83 pizzas, and DoorDash would pay her $7 for this delivery. The restaurant is shocked that she is alone to pick up the delivery order.

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Twyla, a DoorDash delivery driver in Florida decides to take what appears to be a simple pizza delivery only 4 miles away. When she arrives at the restaurant, she is surprised at how big the order is.

She picked up the order from Nino's Pizza & Restaurant at 6194 Edgewater Drive in Orlando, Florida. The receipt below shows that the order total comes to $1,392.27 and they got a 5% discount of $65.54 and the order total for the customer to roughly $1,327.

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DoorDash Delivery Driver Posts About Her 83 Pizza Order

TikTok user '@twylasworldd' shares her account of an extremely large pizza order when she arrives at the pizza restaurant.

Twyla said in the TikTok video:

"So this was a very unexpected order. I picked up this order for $7, and I did it because it was only for 4 miles. I thought I was picking up a pizza or two, and I get there, and this is what they tell me I have to pick up.” -Twyla (Source: @twylasworldd on TikTok)

The restaurant asked her, "Is it you by yourself? How are you going to get all of those in your car?"

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To fit all of the pizza boxes in her car, she had to remove some items, including her child's car seat. Her child was not with her during the delivery.

Twyla said:

"I got all of them in my car and made it work. I drove very slow with my hazards on..." (Source: @twylasworldd on TikTok)

When it was all said and done, she earned only $2.50 from DoorDash and a $50 tip from the customer (seen in the below picture).

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Shocked that DoorDash Drivers are Paid so Little?

One user that commented on the video was shocked that Twyla was only going to earn "$7 on a $1200 order."

Other DoorDash drivers also share their stories of taking large orders that end up paying very little.

Do you think she should've gotten a bigger tip?

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TikTok account: @twylasworldd

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