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Pizza Shop Workers Chase 4-Month-Old Escaped Calf 'Stewie' Down the Street in Brooklyn. Calf is Now in NJ Sanctuary

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A 4-month-old calf named "Stewie" escaped from a Brooklyn slaughterhouse on Tuesday, 21 March 2023. Workers from the local pizza shop, Original Pizza, joined in the chase as the calf ran down the street dodging cars. The calf was caught and returned to the slaughterhouse, but an animal sanctuary in New Jersey has now taken in the calf.
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A black calf escapes from a livestock truck in Brooklyn while being unloaded into a local slaughterhouse on Rockaway Avenue, and it runs for its life in Brooklyn.

Escaped Calf 'Caused Chaos in Canarsie' in Brooklyn, NY

NBC News reported that a 4-month-old calf named Stewie, "caused chaos in Canarsie on Tuesday, dodging people who frantically chased after him. He was caught and taken back to the slaughterhouse, but the Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue in Wantage stepped in."

The calf escaped while being unloaded from Saba Live Poultry slaughterhouse at 1227 Rockaway Avenue in Brooklyn on Tuesday, and it ran from the people chasing him, which included Saba Live Poultry employees, local residents, and workers from Original Pizza.

Original Pizza got some of it on video, as employees helped chase after they were concerned the calf would get hurt.
Original Pizza employees seen chasing calfPhoto byOriginal Pizza

The Calf was Captured and Returned to Slaughterhouse

The manager of Original Pizza, Vincent Fontana told NBC News:

"Everybody just came out of their stores and they were all trying to herd it into a corner. We didn't want it to get hit by a car, and didn't want anybody to get hurt." -Vincent Fontana, Manager of Original Pizza (Source: NBC News)

The calf was eventually captured at Avenue M and East 95th Street and returned to Saba Live Poultry slaughterhouse.

Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue in Wantage, New Jersey learned of the incident and offered to take the calf and care for it, saving it from slaughter after the ordeal.

Skylands has also taken in other animals from similar situations, such as "Freddie the cow," which escaped a slaughterhouse in Queens, NY in 2016.

Saba Live Poultry Agrees to Let the Calf Live

Saba Live Poultry agreed to let the calf go to Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue after receiving numerous calls from concerned citizens.

On Thursday, 23 March 2023, Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue posted the following update on Facebook (seen below).

"Stewie" desire for life started with an escape from almost certain death at the slaughterhouse, but it paid off for the calf, as he now enjoys freedom at Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue.

Do you think this calf deserves to live after his daring escape in Brooklyn?

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