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Florida Woman Calls into Walmart to Complain Because She Can't Find a Parking Spot & Random Florida Man Answers Phone

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A Walmart employee in Okeechobee, Florida takes a call from an upset customer venting to him about the parking problem. He responds with an answer that essentially lets the customer know that the parking problem is out of his control. The whole interaction is filmed in a TikTok video.

A Walmart storePhoto byMike Mozart; CC BY 2.0

Two young males are walking through Walmart on 2 March 2023, and hear a phone ringing in an unattended employee area, presumably near the fitting rooms. The random guy decides to take the phone call while the other guy films the video to post on TikTok.

The random Florida man answers the phone call from a customer in Okeechobee, Florida and her complaint is not something Walmart can reasonably help her with, and his response to her is funny.

A guy named Garrett Hudson films as his friend takes a customer phone call in a small area that appears to be in the clothing section of the store near the fitting rooms, because when the video begins there are rods with plastic hangers behind him, and there is a homemade sign that reads, "RING BELL FOR SERVICE."

Walmart employee answers phonePhoto byGarret Hudson on TikTok

Florida Man: 'Hello, it's Walmart' & Florida Woman Complains

The Florida man answers the phone, "Hello, it's Walmart," and the person filming can be heard chuckling as he records.

The Florida woman starts complaining about her parking problems, the young male signals for his friend to come closer to listen as the call is placed on speakerphone.

Walmart employee listening to a complaining customerPhoto byGarret Hudson on TikTok

The Florida woman is heard on the phone saying, "...Walmart parking lot crowded. There is nowhere for you to park to get groceries or anything."

Florida man responds by saying:

"Well ma'am, what do you want us to do, move the cars?"

She says, "No, I didn't say for you to move the cars."

Florida man responds, "Alright, well let's be honest, what do you want us to do?"

Then there are 5-6 seconds of silence on her end and the call ends.

The Florida man then turns to the camera and says, "That's how you handle it."

The person filming can then be heard laughing as the video ends.

The whole interaction can be seen in the TikTok below.

People Commenting on the TikTok Video

There are many people commenting on the TikTok video. Many people comment that Walmart never answers the phone.

One guy named "Michael" says, "The fact that he handled this call better than the actual workers would have is the best part."

Another user with the name "Jakes_stixx_spam" says, "I ain’t never heard someone complain about the parking lot."

By the way Florida man answered the phone, it seems he could be a former or existing Walmart employee, and he seemed to know how to take complaints from customers.

Have you ever heard customers complaining about things that real employees have no control over?

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Garrett Hudson account (ghud_00) on TikTok. Walmart video. 2 March 2023.

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