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Florida Man Heard a Noise at his Front Door. Alligator Bites Him on the Leg. A Trapper then Euthanizes 9-foot Alligator

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A Florida man that is accustomed to seeing alligators behind his house heard a noise at his front door. He went to check and opened his front door to see if someone was there. An alligator surprises him by biting his leg and "shakes violently." Fortunately, the injury was not life-threatening.
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A 56-year-old Florida man heard a noise at the front door, so he went to see what was going on, but when he opened the door, he received an alligator surprise.

There Was a 'Bump' at the Front Door

News 6 reported that on 4 March 2023, Scott Hollingsworth and his wife were watching TV at home when someone or something made a bump at his front door on Champions Drive in Daytona, FL.
Hollingsworth home in Daytona, FLPhoto byNews 6

Scot Hollingsworth told News 6:

“I jumped up and headed over and opened the door, stepped out while trying to reach the lights and barely got out the door and got my leg clamped on and (it) started shaking really violently.” -Scot Hollingsworth, Daytona Beach resident (Source: News 6)

It was dark outside, so Scot could not immediately see what had bitten him and he didn't have the light on.

At that moment, he thought it was a big dog that bit his upper thigh, but then he realized it was an alligator.

He said:

“It happened so quickly, wasn’t a whole lot (of time). It was just total surprise and shock,” he said. “We see alligators behind our house, it’s a regular thing, but they always keep their distance from us.” -Scot Hollingsworth, Daytona Beach resident (Source: News 6)
Scot HollingsworthPhoto byWESH 2 News

He said to WESH 2 News:

"I really didn't get a good look at it, then when I saw what it was, I stepped back in the house and closed the door., and looked down and had a large gash on the side of my leg, so I was trying to put pressure on it." -Scot Hollingsworth, Daytona Beach resident (Source: WESH 2 News)

Hollingsworth was taken to the hospital for surgery and is expected to make a full recovery.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) Take Care of Gator

CNN reported that the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) was contacted on 4 March 2023 about the situation.

The FWC contacted a trapper to find the alligator and euthanize it. The wildlife officials then inform the Hollingsworth family that it was a 9-foot alligator.
9-foot alligatorPhoto byWESH 2 News

The FWC says it euthanizes "nuisance alligators" because there is a "healthy population in Florida" and that the problem alligators would cause problems for other alligators if they were relocated.

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