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Wendy's Drive-Thru in Mansfield, Ohio Gave Customer Two Orders & He Shares His Frustrating Experience on TikTok

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One man shares his negative experience with Wendy's in Mansfield, Ohio. He leaves with someone else's order, but without his drink and is upset over their inability to get his order right. They end up giving him two orders, his and another person's food, but did not get him his drink.
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A customer goes through the drive-thru at an Ohio Wendy's and shares his frustrating experience on his TikTok account, warning others that visit this fast food location.

Wendy's in Mansfield, Ohio Messed up a Drive-Thru Order

User "berryd_treasure" posted a video on TikTok in February and is shocked by the service he received at the drive-thru window. The video had received over 115K likes at the date of publication.

He said in the video:

"I just went to Wendy's in Mansfield, Ohio and holy [expletive] I ordered a '4 for $4,' the lady opened the window and just handed me my '4 for $4' while I was trying to hand her my credit card. She goes 'Oh yeah, I guess you do have to pay.' She hands me my credit card back and says, 'You're all set,' and I said, 'I ordered a Sprite,' and she goes, 'Oh yeah,' and then four people proceeded to stand there in the window and not get me a Sprite, and then another guy walked up out of the back and handed me more food." -berryD Treasure (Source: TikTok video)

He shows another bag of Wendy's food in the video.
Photo byberryd_treasure (TikTok)

He continues:

"So I have this person's food and my food with no drink. Cause I just took the food and drove off and said, 'I'm not getting a drink here, I guess'" -berryD Treasure (Source: TikTok video)

He then goes through what they gave him at the drive-thru. He finds two straws (but no drink), two buttermilk ranch sauces, another sandwich (which he thinks is a double stack), a nugget, and a fry in the second bag.

He highlights that Wendy's in Mansfield, Ohio screwed his order up. He says at the end, "...but holy crap did that Mansfield Ohio Wendy's meth my order up... cause I'm pretty sure they are all on it."

The video can be seen below.

Final Thoughts and Comments

Many people commenting on the video expressed shock that Wendy's still offers a '4 for $4' deal at all with rising inflation happening all over the country.

One user, Daria Carter, posted the comment, "I'm from Mansfield and my auntie is the manger (sic) there." Another comment she posted indicates that her aunt has worked at that location for about 28 years.

Another user, "Jake" said, "This is literally the Wendy's by me. My gf loves to go there for some reason even though this is her experience 7/10 times."

It appears that this isn't the first time someone has had their order messed up at this Wendy's in Mansfield.

Have you ever had a bad experience at this Wendy's or any fast food chain?

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TikTok account: @berryd_treasure

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