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Two Deer Stuck on the Roof of Mid-City Lumber in Jefferson City Prompting Many Phone Calls to Business & 'Not a Prank'

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Residents driving past Mid-City Lumber on Wednesday or Thursday may have seen something strange that might require a double take as two deer were seen walking around on the roof of the construction materials business. Find out if this was an intentional publicity stunt, a prank, or nature just doing something improbable.
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Two deer found themselves on top of a business and couldn't seem to get down, so they waited for the humans to figure it out.

Two Deer Walking on the Roof of Mid-City Lumber

KRGC News 13 reported that two deer were seen walking around on the roof of Mid-City Lumber at 118 Jaycee Road in Jefferson City, MO.
A deer seen on the roofPhoto byKRCG News 13

Was this a publicity stunt, a prank, or did these two deer really find their way onto the roof?

It was not a publicity stunt, nor was it a prank by some bored teenagers.

According to Dane Wilson, Mid-City Lumber's Branch Manager, "the deer jumped onto the roof from a retaining wall near a tree line."

KRGC News 13 reported that customers began to leave voicemails for the store starting around 6 p.m. on Wednesday, 15 March 2023 after the store had already closed for the day. When the store employees arrived to work on Thursday morning, they found the deer laying on the roof.

The best idea to get them down came from the yard guy, as Dane Wilson explained.

He said:

“Our yard guy comes with the idea to build steps down and maybe she’d find her way down and it was just a waiting game.” -Dane Wilson, Mid-City Lumber's Branch Manager (Source: KRCG News 13)

The staff decided to try that. They took lumber pallets and built two staircases for the deer to hop down, but the deer wouldn't try it out.

Mid-City Lumber to Missouri Conservation Agent: 'This is Not a Prank'

After "hours of waiting," they called for a Missouri Conservation agent Cole Edison to help.
Missouri Conservation Agent Cole EdisonPhoto byKRCG News 13

The conservation agent thought it was a prank at first, and not a real situation. After all, he admitted that he had "never seen anything like this before."

He said:

“We essentially thought it may have been a prank call. We weren’t sure what was going on and then several calls started coming in and then more and more calls. Then when heard there were two deer my first thought that crossed my mind was how in the world are we going to get these deer off the roof.” -Cole Edison, Missouri Conservation Agent (Source: KRCG News 13)

Agent Cole Edison jumped onto the roof to assess the situation.

Fortunately, Agent Cole Edison was able to lead the deer back to the retaining wall that they initially used to get up onto the roof.

It's incredible that two curious deer found their way up onto the roof by way of a retaining wall, and unlikely that this will happen again anytime soon. However, the business should take note. If two deer could do it so easily, rodents and snakes can also.

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