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'Guardian Angel' Kitten Saves Ohio Family During a House Fire, but Sadly Dies After Going Back into the Home

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An Ohio family is thankful to be alive, thanks to their precious kitten Nina that woke them up as the house started burning. The fire started about an hour after the father attempted to start the hot water heater. The family had Nina outside with them, but somehow Nina managed to enter the house and go up to the kid's room. The family has set up a GoFundMe page to try an rebuild.
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Do you believe that God can use a pet to be a "guardian angel" to warn us of danger?

One family in Forest Park, Ohio absolutely does, as they mourn the loss of their beloved pet that saved them in the early morning on Saturday, 11 March 2023.

The Halls Were Unaware of the Fire in their Home

FOX19 News reported that early Saturday morning Marc Hall tried to start up the hot water heater, which is likely what started the fire in their home. The Hall family was asleep when kitten Nina woke Allysa Hall at about 5 a.m.

She said to FOX19 News:

“At 5 a.m., Nina woke us up,” Allysa Hall said. “Our kitten jumped on the sheets, like all of a sudden I wake up and she’s in my face.” -Allysa Hall (Source: FOX19 News)

When Alysa Hall went to put Nina outside of her room, that's when she noticed the smoke.

She said:

“Black smoke... I couldn’t see,” Allysa Hall said. “And then I’m yelling for everyone to get out... All in our pajamas, no shoes, no nothing... It’s fight or flight.” -Allysa Hall (Source: FOX19 News)

The Halls Made it Outside Safely

Marc and Allysa, and their four children made it outside unharmed. Even Nina made it outside with them.
Photo byFOX19 News

Somehow Nina got out of their sight and managed to go back inside the home to the kid's room. They didn't know where she went. She had gone back into the house to the kid's room. That is where they found their little guardian angel, Nina.
Nina saved the Hall familyPhoto byAllysa Hall

Nina didn't survive.

The Hall family will always have a special place in their heart for their kitten, Nina. They plan to remember Nina every March 4th, starting by planting a tree in their backyard as a memorial.

Marc Hall said:

“We’re thanking our kitten, Nina, and then we’re thanking God,” Marc Hall said. “She’s definitely here in spirit. She’s loved.” -Marc Hall (Source: FOX19

A GoFundMe was Set up by the Halls to 'Rebuild'

Allysa Hall set up a GoFundMe page to try and raise funds to start over and rebuild. At the date of publication, the GoFundMe campaign had raised $11,114 out of the $25,000 goal.
GoFundMe pagePhoto byAllysa John-Hall

On the GoFundMe page, the Halls wrote:

"We never think it’ll happen to us until it does. On Saturday morning around 5am on 3/4/23 I was awoken by our kitten who I thought just wanted to play. A few minutes later we noticed smoke and opened the door to complete darkness. The smoke was so thick it was hard to see and breathe. Survival mode came in and we were able to get our family of 4 under 8 years old out the house safely. Our kitten made it out the house too and we’re sitting in the car in just our pajamas waiting for the fire department to show up. An hour later our house is still smoking. 2 hours later we were able to go to our neighbors while watching 12 fire engines pull up to our house. 3 hours later we’re frazzled but we’re okay. 4 hours later we found our kitten back inside the house… she passed away.
The house is a mess, we’re distraught, my family is staying in a hotel, our clothes are ruined, the food has gone bad. To make things worse we were in between insurance companies and they won’t cover the damages to our home.
We owe our lives to our 5 month old kitten that woke us up just in time to get us out of the house safely. We have been graced by GOD as our family is safe but this is an extremely difficult place to be with 4 children under the ages of 8 and no home. Please support our rebuilding process as best as you can." -Allysa John-Hall & Marc Hall

Do you have a story of how a family pet saved a person in your family?

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GoFundMe page for Allysa John-Hall and Marc Hall.

Jameson, Simone and Amanda Alvarado. "Kitten dies after saving Ohio family from devastating fire." FOX19 News. 12 March 2023.

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