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Arizona Bobcat Entered Home Through Doggy Door & Was Lying in Dog's Bed. Pet Dog 'Squeakers' Was Injured in Home Attack

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An Arizona homeowner was surprised to find a bobcat laying in poor little Squeakers dog bed, and it attacked her dog, leaving it wounded. Arizona Game and Fish were called to their home to catch the bobcat, but it managed to get away before they arrived. A GoFundMe was set up to help pay for little Squeaker's surgery and medical expenses.
A bobcat licking its pawPhoto byChandler CruttendenonUnsplash

One Arizona homeowner went through a tense situation when a bobcat found their dog's bed inside their home and decided to hang around.

AZ Game & Fish posted the following tweet (seen below) with photos of the bobcat in the dog bed.

Arizona Bobcat Surprised Homeowner & Attacked Dog

3TV/CBS 5 reported that one homeowner in San Manuel, Arizona was shocked to find an uninvited guest in their home. A bobcat entered their home through a dog door and decided to rest in their dog Squeaker's bed. Their little dog was then attacked by the bobcat and sustained injuries that required surgery and medical attention from the veterinarian.

The homeowner called Arizona Game and Fish Dept. to come and catch the bobcat but the wild cat got away before they arrived at the home.

Bobcats are Generally 'Twice the Size of a Housecat'

An average bobcat is twice the size of a typical house cat.

AZ Animals reported that male bobcats "generally weigh between 14 to 40 lbs., and female bobcats weigh between 8.8 to 33.7 pounds. The largest bobcat recorded officially was 52 lbs. and captured by a Wisconsin hunter on 31 December 2008, but a 60lb. bobcat was found deceased on the road in New Hampshire, and documented as roadkill."

A GoFundMe was Created for Squeaker's Medical Bills
Photo byNikola Zovko

Nikola Zovko created a GoFundMe page to raise money for Squeaker's medical bills. At the time of publication, $1,865 had been raised out of the $3,300 goal.

Please help share this article on social media so pet owners are aware that bobcats can enter through the dog door, and to be careful with their pet's safety in mind.


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