Minnesota Woman Goes into Subway and Orders a 6-inch Wrap with Double Meat & Tip. She Pays & Posts TikTok About $19 Bill

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A Minnesota woman is upset that her Subway order for a 6-inch Turkey wrap comes to almost $19, after adding $3 for double meat, and $2.45 for a tip. She says she has "a bone to pick with Subway," but if she saw the menu prices posted in the restaurant, why did she order it?

Subway restaurantPhoto byMike Mozart; CC BY 2.0

A Minnesota woman is upset with Subway over their high prices, so she posted about it on TikTok. That only leaves the question, "Then why did she go there for food?"

Daily Dot reported that Jessalyn Roussi went into the Subway at 4221 Clearwater Road on 3 March 2023 and ordered a 6-inch turkey wrap, and asked for double meat. That's an extra $3.

Jessalyn also added a tip, which she does not mention in the TikTok video she posted on 3 March 2023, saying she has "a bone to pick with Subway."

In her TikTok video, Jessalyn said:

"Well, I gotta bone to pick with Subway. K. Umm, I only wanted something small. K. Nothing big. So I tried a wrap. Never tried a wrap before." -Jessalyn Roussi (Source: @jessalyn_m_r on TikTok)

She shows the size of the sandwich bag (picture below)

Jessalyn RoussiPhoto by@jessalyn_m_r

She continues her rant:

"Just my little 6-inch wrap. K. Turkey. The only thing extra that I ordered, was double turkey. K. Double turkey, that's it. Alright. One turkey wrap with extra turkey, after my subtotal and tax: $18.91." -Jessalyn Roussi (Source: @jessalyn_m_r on TikTok)

She shows the receipt up close. (See picture below)

Subway receiptPhoto by@jessalyn_m_r (on TikTok)

The 6-inch turkey wrap is $11.49, add cheese for $0.65, add extra turkey for $3, the subtotal is $15.14. Sales tax adds $1.31 and "Tips" was an extra $2.45. The grand total comes to $18.19.

She says, "18.91 for this?"

Her TikTok video can be viewed below.

@jessalyn_m_r @subway this is highway ROBBERY! Who the hell has this kind of money to be coming to your “fast food” restaurant and pay more for a 6in wrap, then a whole plate at a dine in? 😡 #disappointment #inflation #subway #notcool #minnesota #expensive #ridiculous ♬ original sound - Jessalyn Mara Roussi

Final Thoughts

My favorite TV court judge is Judge Judy, and one of her famous lines is, "If you eat the steak, you gotta pay for it." She would explain that if a person isn't satisfied with something, they can always stop and question it before paying for it, but "if you eat the whole steak, you can no longer ask for a refund."

If a person is trying to be price-conscious, there is always the option to buy your sub on the Subway app before picking it up, and if you don't like the price, then don't order it.

Do you think that Jessalyn has a good point, or do you think she should have walked out of Subway if she didn't like the price of a 6-inch wrap? (Share your thoughts in the comments)


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