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Man Orders Sausage McMuffin at McDonald's in Indiana & Given $5,000 Cash Deposit by Accident. He Returns the Cash.

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A man that orders a sausage McMuffin from McDonald's in Elkhart, Indiana in January received more than his breakfast sandwich. They handed him a bag with $5,000 in cash, which was a cash deposit for that restaurant. He does the right thing and returns the money, and potentially saves McDonald's employees from being fired. His reward: $200 and free McDonald's for a month. His proud sister then creates a GoFundMe for him for the amount of $5,000.

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An Indiana man "does the right thing" and returns cash that doesn't belong to him, and many are praising his actions. Let's get to the story.

Man Orders a Sausage McMuffin and Gets a $5,000 Cash Deposit

TODAY/Yahoo! reported that Josiah Vargas ordered a sausage McMuffin breakfast sandwich from McDonald's in Elkhart, Indiana, but that's not all they gave him at the drive-thru.

When he opened the bag, he was shocked and recorded a video, which he posted on TikTok. (Warning: It contains some NSFW language)

An employee accidentally handed Josiah the McDonald's cash deposit intended to go to the bank.

In a TikTok video, he shows the contents of the bag, which contains change sorted in Ziploc bags, and stacks of bills.

Josiah finding $5,000 in McDonald's bagPhoto by@dookiedoeboy

Josiah said in his TikTok video:

"I just went to McDonald's and these [inaudible word] handed me my sausage McMuffin and this bag." He holds up a McDonald's bag. "Well, what's in this bag? Their (expletive) deposit. Why? Just a couple thousand dollars here. Like, what is this? Why would they do this?" -Josiah Vargas, McDonald's customer (Source: TikTok video)
Josiah holding the cash from McDonald'sPhoto by@dookiedoeboy

He then says, "And I have to return this because I am a good person." So in his video he returns the cash, but honestly admits, "Do you guys know how bad I want this money?"

When he walks into the McDonald's to return the cash, he says:

"Are you guys laundering money out here?"

The McDonald's employees were surprised and gave Josiah hugs for returning the cash deposit.

When he gets in his car, he says, "I get free McDonald's for a month, I guess."

He genuinely looks happy at that moment for doing the right thing. He starts to drive away when the McDonald's employees call him back into the store.

He shares at the end of his TikTok video, that they wanted to give him $200.

He says in the video:

"Do good people. Return $5,000 and get $200 and get free McDonald's for a month. Good trade value...and maybe a viral TikTok." -Josiah Vargas, McDonald's customer (Source: TikTok video)

Good for him to do the right thing.

Proud Sister Decides to Create a GoFundMe for Josiah

GoFundMe page for JosiahPhoto byHaddie Keenum

Josiah's sister, Haddie Keenum, was so proud of her brother for doing the right thing that she created a GoFundMe page for him with a goal of $5,000.

On the GoFundMe page, his sister wrote (original message below contains grammatical errors):

"Josiah Vargas - my little brother, went through McDonald’s drive through the other day and received a bag full of cash. It was 100% a test from the universe!! He did the RIGHT THING by returning it and saving the employees of their jobs, PLUS McDonald’s from losing thousands in cash deposit. 

Let’s come together and get this man that money tho! He deserves it!! He’s one of the most honest and hardest workers I know. And I grew up with the kid!!"  -Haddie Keenum (Source: GoFundMe page)

At the time of publication, the GoFundMe had raised $1,970 out of the $5,000 goal.

Josiah chose to do the right thing and returned the $5,000 cash.

If you would've kept the money, share in the comments section your thoughts.

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