Positive News: Louisiana Man's Card Gets Declined, and Good Samaritan Buys his Groceries in Act of Kindness: 'I Got You'

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A 46-year-old man from Catahoula, Louisiana deposits his paycheck into his bank account. He heads to the grocery store to get "seafood and spirits" but finds out in the checkout line that his debit card is declined. His bank had not posted the funds to his bank account yet. He thinks he will have to return later when a kind patron behind him in line offers to buy his groceries. Now they are "friends for life."

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An "old cowboy" was touched by the kind actions of a 26-year-old Good Samaritan behind him in line at the grocery store.

Jason Boudreaux was Grocery Shopping when his Card was Declined

The Washington Post reported that 46-year-old Jason Boudreaux had no idea that his paycheck had not yet been posted to his bank account when he headed to the grocery store in St. Martinville, LA. He deposited his paycheck "about an hour" before going to the grocery, and wasn't aware the funds would not be available to spend right away because he doesn't typically deposit traditional checks into his account.

On 24 February 2023, he did his grocery shopping and greeted the man behind him in line. When the cashier ran up his $30 in groceries, he swiped his debit card, and it was declined.

That's when the kind man in line behind him insisted on paying for his groceries, saying, "I got you."

The kind gentleman is 28-year-old Kevin Jones from New Iberia, LA.

Mr. Boudreaux said, "Hey, I can't let you do that - that's too much." but the man behind him kept saying, "I got you," and when he told him he would pay him back, the kind man said, "No, you don't have to."

They took a selfie and chatted, and Jason Boudreaux invited Kevin Jones over to his family gathering.

He said:

"We cook up some shrimp, some crawfish, some fried catfish, and invite a bunch of friends and cousins, people of all creeds and colors. Everyone is welcome." -Jason Boudreaux (Source: The Washington Post)

Kevin Jones accepted the invite to "Family Day" at the Boudreaux household.

Jones also shared why he paid for Mr. Boudreaux's groceries. It was because he knew what it felt like to be in that situation.

He said:

"It can happen to anyone, and honestly, I've been in this situation before," Jones said. "I've had my card declined and had to return groceries. I didn't want him to have to go through that." -Kevin Jones (Source: The Washington Post)

Jason James Boudreaux Posted About Meeting Jones on Facebook

The experience really touched Jason Boudreaux deeply, and he wanted to share what Kevin did for him on Facebook (see photo below).

Jason Boudreaux (left) and Kevin Jones (right)Photo byJason Boudreaux (Facebook)

The Facebook post reads (with original grammatical errors included as posted):

"Much respect for this young gentleman. I deposited my payroll check and hour prior thought the money would have hit. I never deposit checks ect..dont know it could take a day or so I had groceries that were way more expensive than a Starbucks cup of coffee. I told him hello while we were waiting in line. My turn the cashier said her computer said I had insufficient funds. This lil gentleman said I got you. I said no you don't you probably didn't hear the price. He responded yes Sir I did, and I got you..New Iberia help me recognize this gentleman. I scrambled to me car to give him my business card, so I can repay him. He said no problem, but it is a problem to me owing money to anyone. But the point of this is the dude just stepped up for a complete stranger, he should be recognized. Edit he's been identified, praise this fellow.
Just found out it is Mr Jones Birthday today, Facebook help me wish him the best of birthdays to someone as of two days ago was a complete stranger. Now he's coming to my mother's for Family Day/ now Kevin Jones Birthday celebration." (Source: Facebook post)

Since this chance meeting, Jason Boudreaux says that they are now "friends for life." What an amazing story.

Final Thoughts from the Author

This story is refreshing and true and we need to hear more stories like this.

It shows that with all of the negative things going on in the world today that can easily divide us as a nation, an act of kindness can unite us as Americans. This story really shows that good people do exist.

Kevin Jones' act of kindness is something we need more of in today's world. Thank you for your kind act at the grocery store.

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