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Walmart in Oak Ridge, TN Charges Grandmother over $200 for "SITE MERCH" in Receipt Error When Buying Groceries

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A grandson in Oak Ridge, Tennessee posted a video on TikTok to show that his grandmother was charged for "SITE MERCH" on her grocery receipt during checkout at Walmart. She paid for her groceries with her credit card, not noticing the erroneous charge until she arrived home. One person commenting on this TikTok video believes the cashier made an error when keying in produce numbers.

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Question: How would you feel if your elderly grandmother came home with a receipt showing that she was erroneously charged over $200 for something she didn't purchase?

Most people wouldn't be happy.

One grandson in Tennessee has posted a video on TikTok after his grandmother received an unrecognized purchase on her Walmart receipt, bringing the total to $287.04, when she was only supposed to get less than $90 in groceries. She paid it with her Mastercard, not checking the receipt in the store. She came home with a big $201 surprise on her Walmart receipt.

The Daily Dot reported that a grandson is not happy with Walmart in Oak Ridge, TN after his grandmother told him that she was overcharged. When they reviewed the receipt from 26 February 2023, there is a strange line for "SITE MERCH" for $201.77.

The TikTok Video About the Oak Ridge Walmart Receipt

In his TikTok video posted on 1 March 2023, an upset '@flappernugget420' says, "Ya'll never go to the Walmart in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. This [expletive] charged us $200 for nothing. What the [expletive] is 'site merch'? And they're not answering the phone."

In a subsequent TikTok video he said:

"Ya'll be careful. Walmart's scammin' people. Don't ever go to Walmart again. We've been on the phone for how long now? How long have you been on hold?" (she responds, "It doesn't show.") He continues, "...$200 dollars, we didn't even spend none of that."

TikTok user @itsthealix comments on the TikTok video, "it's due to them keying in fruit/veggies. if you mess up a digit it pulls up site merch. just go in and they will refund you."

After close examination, the line for "SITE MERCH" is very similar to the UPC code for RED BELL, which is for red bell peppers. The red bell peppers line end with "...4680KF" while the "SITE MERCH" line code ends with "...468K."

The Walmart receipt with "SITE MERCH" chargePhoto by@flappernugget420 on TikTok

Final Thoughts

With all of the news warning Walmart shoppers about using the u-scan self-checkouts, mistakes can still be made by the traditional cashier, as evidenced by this incident. There are some situations where we need to have a little grace and remain calm with fixable situations.

Most people might get upset when a loved one comes home with an incorrect charge, and understandably so in these economic times. No one wants to be taken advantage of, and it makes it even more upsetting when a situation like this happens to a grandparent on a fixed income.

This situation can easily be remedied by physically taking the receipt to the Customer Service counter at Walmart.

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