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Huntsville Customers Have Concerns About Their Vehicles & Payments After American Car Center Ceases Operations

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Customers who financed a car from the American Car Center location in Huntsville have concerns about their vehicle after the national dealership "ceased operations" on Friday, 24 February 2023. One local resident is worried about losing her vehicle and making her car loan payments. A Huntsville lawyer weighs in on the matter and what to expect.
American Car Center on University DrivePhoto byWHNT News 19

The American Car Center located at 3777 University Dr. NW looks like a ghost town in a manner of speaking after the national dealership ceased operations on Friday, 24 February 2023.

Fortune reported that the national dealership closed its headquarters in Memphis, TN laying off 288 employees by the end of the day. The company had been trying to work with lenders "improve liquidity and continue operations." Fortune explains that this "shutdown comes as more Americans are starting to fall behind on their car payments, and the distress cycle is rapidly accelerating."

Should Americans take this as an indication of things to come in the near future?

Huntsville American Car Center is no Longer in Operation & Car Inventory Removed

WHNT News 19 reported from the American Car Center next to DriveTime of Huntsville moments after the car inventory was loaded up and removed. Local residents now have some valid concerns about their vehicles now that the national dealership has closed.

Below is a photo of a sign posted on the door of American Car Center that reads, "TEMPORARILY OPEN BY APPOINTMENT ONLY" which was left from when the local dealership was still in operation.
Sign on windowPhoto byWHNT News 19

Huntsville Resident has Concerns About Her Vehicle

WHNT News 19 spoke with local resident Brandy Hardic with her concerns about her vehicle purchased at the local dealership.

She is concerned about the future of her vehicle given that the company ceased operations.

She said:

“I’m nervous. I’m terrified of what’s gonna happen. Are they gonna take our car? Are we gonna be liable for late fees or anything else? We can’t afford to put a down payment on another car. We can’t afford extra payments. We’ll have to keep insurance on this vehicle. If they decide they’re not taking our money, what do I do when it comes time to renew our tags? It’s stressful.” -Brandy Hardic, American Car Center customer (Source: WHNT News 19)

She showed WHNT News 19 error messages from her phone app regarding making payments on her car loan through the company, which can be seen below.
App errorsPhoto byWHNT News 19

Hardic can be assured that a company will take over the loans, even if there is a delay in the short term. This will be shared in a moment by Huntsville lawyer, Russell Crumbley.

American Car Center Provides Information about Car Payments on its Website

American Car Center updated its official website around 3 p.m. on Tuesday, 28 February 2023 regarding car payments.

The website has a red area at the top of the screen that reads:

"Please continue to make payments on your car to American Financial per the terms of your agreement. However, American Financial is not currently able to accept payments to a live representative. The following options are available for you to make payments: Pay online through our payment portal, which is located at Pay by phone by calling (877) 720-4477 • Pay in person at a CheckFreePay location, which can be located at

Thank you and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please check this page for further updates."

(Source: American Car Center official website)

Huntsville Lawyer Russell Crumbley Shares What Happens Next

Huntsville lawyer Russell Crumbley shared his expertise on the matter.

He said:

“Someone is going to own these debts and receive possession of the titles and they, at that point they will reach out they’ll get a list of all the people. They’ll reach out and give instructions on how to resume their payments. And ideally, if it’s four months from now if you owe that money, you’ve got it set aside four months’ worth and it won’t come as a hardship. You’ve planned for the payment. Make the payment, just set it aside.” -Russell Crumbley, Huntsville lawyer (Source: WHNT News 19)

If there are any payment issues regarding a car purchased from American Car Center, set aside the money you owe for the car payment, and be prepared to pay it when another company takes over the loans.

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Russell W. Crumbley (Attorney-at-Law) official website. Crumbley-Blackwell & Associates, P.C. Main Phone: (256) 539-4464

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