11-Year-Old Girl Got in Trouble for Artwork of a Pig in a Bow Tie, Hanover Elementary School Found it Inappropriate

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An innocent 11-year-girl at Hanover-Horton Elementary School was doing an art assignment and turned in her "piggie" drawn with a bow tie, and the art teacher claims that a boy came up to the teacher and told her that there were "boy parts" drawn on the pig. The girl drew an innocent bow tie on the pig, but the school insists otherwise.

drawing of a pig named "Piggie" with a bowtiePhoto bySierra Carter
The mother of an 11-year-old gave her first-hand account of what happened when her daughter drew a pig (named "Piggie") with a bow tie around its neck. A little boy went up to the teacher and said it looks like she drew "boy parts" on the pig. The teacher calls the mother.

Mother Sierra Carter Received a Phone Call from Her Daughter’s Teacher

The mother, Sierra Carter, received a phone call from her daughter's teacher. The teacher informs Sierra that her daughter had drawn something inappropriate in art class and that a little boy had come up to her [the teacher] and made her aware that he thought Sierra's daughter drew "boy parts" on her pig project.
The teacher went to the 11-year-old girl and asked for all of her papers. Sierra's daughter told the teacher that she drew a bow tie. The teacher confiscated all of the 11-year-old's papers and told her that she would be giving the papers over to the Vice Principal.
Sierra Carter told TODAY that her daughter felt "singled out" during the incident.

She said:

“She was so embarrassed and felt so singled out. No kid should feel like that. She should feel safe.” -Sierra Carter, mother of student (Source: TODAY)

The mother goes to the school and sits down with the teacher and a social worker, and the mother can't believe such a big deal was made over the pig drawing. Sierra Carter then said that when the pig artwork is shown to the Vice Principal, the "first thing he says is, 'Write her up'."

The mother then wants to chat with the Vice Principal and they go back and forth on the definition of a "bow tie." The Vice principal then backs down that the daughter would not be written up, but the artwork would be "put in a folder" in case she got into trouble later.

Sierra Carter's TikTok Video Explaining the Whole Incident

Sierra Carter's TikTok video explaining the whole incident can be seen below.

Superintendent of the Hanover-Horton Schools

John Denney, superintendent of the Hanover-Horton Schools, told TODAY that “nothing has been placed in any student’s school records related to this matter.” 

He continued with the following statement:

"It is unfortunate that a one-sided narrative has been created on social media that paints our staff in a negative light,” Denney said in a statement. “In this case, a student appropriately brought concerns to the attention of our staff. In response, our staff handled the situation with compassion and discretion. Staff contacted the student’s parents to discuss the situation. No student was singled out or ostracized. Every effort was made to protect the privacy and dignity of all students.” -John Denney, superintendent of the Hanover-Horton Schools (Source: TODAY)

Do you think this school has blown this situation all out of proportion over an innocent child's artwork of a pig?

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TikTok account user "sierraleann30" video explaining the Pig artwork incident

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