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Raccoon Hitches Ride to a Distribution Center in Boulder, Gets Stuck in Wall Before Giving a 45 Minute Chase in Store

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One raccoon is quite resourceful after hitching a ride from a truck coming from Louisville, KY. The raccoon hid among pallets that were being unloaded at the distribution center in Boulder, Colorado. Workers searched for it at the distribution center and finally discovered it trapped between panels and lumber. When they opened the area up to catch it, the raccoon made a run for it and led employees and animal protection workers on a 45-minute chase through the store. It was quite an ordeal but gave some employees quite a laugh.
A raccoon getting a good chucklePhoto byAlan AlquistonUnsplash

One Louisville raccoon is getting quite a good chuckle after outsmarting the humans.

DailyMail reported a story that shows how resourceful raccoons really are.

First, the raccoon hitched a ride all the way from Louisville, Kentucky to the distribution center in Boulder, Colorado. While employees were unloading the pallets off of the truck, someone must have seen the furry little guy moving around.

So employees took part in a search of the warehouse that morning, without much luck.

Then, later on, that day, they found the raccoon behind a panel between the wall and lumber (see photos below).
The raccoon's tailPhoto byBoulder Police Department
Workers trying to capture the raccoonPhoto byBoulder Police Department

They try to open up the panel with just enough room to grab him, but he had something else in mind. This begins a 45-minute chase around the store.

(Video of the chase and capture can be watched on Facebook here)

Throughout the chase, Boulder Police Animal Protection Supervisor J. Whittle reminds employees not to touch the raccoon, as it may bite and there is always the possibility of the raccoon having rabies.

She tried to catch the raccoon around the neck with the catch pole, but it was keen to her attempts to use the catch pole.

The hilarious chase eventually ended with the raccoon trapped inside a pet kennel on the floor.
Photo byBoulder Police Department

After it was all over, Animal Protection Supervisor J. Whittle said with relief, "We finally found the raccoon we were looking for."

The raccoon was returned safely home to the Louisville, KY area.

Animal Protection Supervisor J. Whittle shares the happy ending.

She said:

"He had plenty of hiding spots and trees and dumpsters,' Whittle said. 'I hope he found his family and friends back in Louisville." -J. Whittle, Animal Protection Supervisor (Source: DailyMail)

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