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A Cookeville Woman and Her Husband Find a Memorial Teddy Bear Made from Grandma 'Mammie's Jacket' and are Heartbroken

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A woman was shopping in Goodwill in Cookeville when she came across a very unique-looking memorial teddy bear that appears to be made from "Mammie's Jacket." There are dates of Mammie's life embroidered onto the teddy bear inside the heart, indicating that Mammie lived from 3/24/1928 to 6/21/1996. The woman was touched by this precious keepsake and has turned to a Facebook group and internet sleuths to try and find Mammie's family to return the memorial bear.
Mammie's Jacket Teddy bearPhoto byRegena Moreno

Anyone fortunate to spend time with grandparents knows that they are special. They have a tender touch, kind words, and a loving spirit. Sometimes a smell or fragrance can even bring us back to being in grandma's house.

In this next story, a woman recognizes that a special teddy bear with a reminder of "Mammie" needed to be reunited with its family.

A Goodwill Shopper Found A Special Teddy Bear Made From 'Mammie's Jacket'

WSMV 4 News reported that Regena Moreno and her husband were in Goodwill in Cookeville on Saturday, 4 February 2023, with the intent to buy beanie babies for the homeless. While in the store, her husband noticed the brightly colored teddy bear. When Regena Moreno saw it, she was absolutely heartbroken.

On this special teddy bear is a heart with the embroidered words: "Mammie's Jacket 3/24/1928 - 6/21/1996."

Regena Moreno and her husband instantly felt inspired to help return this special memorial teddy bear back to the right family.

When they brought it to the attention of a Goodwill employee, the employee wanted to return it to the back for reprocessing.

Regena described that moment in the store.

She said:

“There was not a price on it, and the gentleman working wanted to take it for reprocessing,” Moreno said. “My husband said, ‘You don’t understand. This belongs to someone, and we are taking it home.’ So, he let us take it to the cashier, and we were able to save him.” -Regena Moreno (Source: WSMV 4 News)

She wanted to take action, so she uploaded the photos (seen above) to a group on Facebook called "Hip Cookeville" to see if anyone might know something about this memorial teddy bear.

Her Facebook post reads:

“I found this sweet boy at Goodwill today and was heartbroken when I saw the back. Looking for his family but will be his new family if nobody knows him. He was made from Mammie’s Jacket.” -Regena Moreno, posted in "Hip Cookeville" Facebook Group

Some people in the group think that the patchwork teddy bear could have originated in Glasgow, Kentucky. The family has been contacted but Moreno has not yet received a confirmation it belongs to this family.

Regena Moreno explained why its important for her to find the family of this memorial bear.

She said:

“My father passed away a couple of years ago, and I know how I would’ve felt if it would have been his,” Moreno said. “I had to find the bear’s home. If not. I would give him a home. So now the bear is in my living room waiting for his family to claim him. I am hopeful since the (Facebook community) has found Mammie’s family that we will hear from them soon.” -Regena Moreno (Source: WSMV 4 News)

Please help us find the family of this special patchwork teddy bear made from "Mammie's Jacket."

The best way you can help is by sharing this article on social media so we can reunite this special teddy bear back with its family.


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