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Helicopter Company in Bryan, TX Charges Hunters About $3,000 for Two Hours to Shoot Feral Hogs with Assault Rifles

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Helibacon is a helicopter hunting company that offers something so unique to hunters, while also taking out an invasive feral hog, that "wreaks havoc on agriculture." They take hunters up in the air to blast the feral pigs with assault rifles and automatic submachine guns. Hunters are thoroughly enjoying the experience.
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Helibacon is a company in Bryan, TX that offers a unique aerial hunting experience, shooting feral hogs from above with assault rifles and automatic submachine guns, among other gun available.

The experience gives hunters a chance to perhaps shoot a gun they have never fired before, and they help get rid of an invasive species that is wreaking havoc on Texas agriculture.

The experience is not cheap, but some might say "You get what you pay for."

Reuters reported it costs about $3,000 for two hours, but some believe it is well worth it. They offer hog hunting in the daylight, but also night vision hog hunts. More information is on its website.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department estimates that there are 2.6 million hogs that live in Texas, and Helibacon helps manage these wild populations with their helicopter hunts.

A wildlife expert, Mikayla Killam, revealed that there aren't enough predators to keep these wild hogs in check.

She said:

"Really, on the Texas landscape, the only thing that can take on an adult feral hog is going to be a mountain lion and an alligator. And we just don't have enough of those in the state to be managing these populations." -Mikayla Killam, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service program specialist

The Experience Flying in a Helicopter Shooting Big Guns
HelibaconPhoto byHelibacon

On its website, Helibacon describes the guns that are offered to the hunters. They consist of belt-fed machine guns, battle rifles, carbines, submachine guns, machine pistols, and shotguns.
The arsenal of guns available to shootPhoto byHelibacon

One paying hunter, Mitchell Birkett, thoroughly enjoyed himself during the experience as he felt like he was doing a service for the state as well as having a great time shooting big guns.

He said:

"Sure, you get a lot of fun out of it and you get to shoot some big guns," Birkett said. "But you're also, you know, I think taking care of a really big problem that faces Texas." -Mitchell Birkett, paying customer of Helibacon (Source: Reuters)

The aerial hunting offered by Helibacon look like they should be on any hunter's bucket list of things to do. The feral hogs run for their lives as the hunter can choose the weapon before spraying bullets down below.

Does that sound like fun?

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