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A Dandridge Postal Worker is Receiving the 'Postmaster General Hero Award' For Helping Stop a Scam on an Elderly Woman

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A postal worker from Dandridge went above and beyond her regular duties when she noticed something wrong was happening. She discovered that an elderly woman was mailing in a payment to "secure her winnings" from the Publisher's Clearing House, and stopped the scam before the check payment was delivered. Now she is receiving the Postmaster General Hero Award.

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6 ABC News reported that United States Postal Service (USPS) retail associate Katrenia Foster became concerned when she found out that an elderly customer thought she would win the cash prize from "Publisher's Clearing House" after mailing in a personal check. This was obviously a scam, and this elderly woman was about to become the victim.

That's when Katrenia decided to step in and do something about it before the woman's personal check actually went out in the mail. For her good deed, she will be honored as a hero with the Postmaster General Hero Award.

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Katrenia Will Receive the Postmaster General Hero Award

A press release indicated the following took place:

“Foster immediately became concerned and informed her supervisor of her suspicions about this transaction," and that “Foster prevented the customer from being scammed.” (Source: 6 ABC News)

For her good deed, Katrenia Foster will receive the Postmaster General Hero Award on 10 February 2023 at the Dandridge Post Office. The TN District Manager Omar Coleman and Dandridge Postmaster Jeffrey Gambrell will be in attendance.

This is regarded as one of the most prestigious honors for postal employees, given to “those who perform a heroic act above and beyond the call of duty while on the job.” (Source: 6 ABC News)

It is great that there are people out there willing to look out for others, including the elderly and those being taken advantage of. Katrenia deserves this award.

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