Positive News: Twin Brothers are Walking 20 Miles in Every U.S. State to Raise Awareness of For Foster Care Children

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Twin brothers from South Carolina are walking for a great cause in every U.S. state through March of 2023. They want to raise hope and awareness for foster care children, with their story and fundraiser.

Davon and Tavon WoodsPhoto byDavon and Tavon Woods

FOX 5 News reported that Davon and Tavon Woods have an admirable goal to raise awareness for foster children in the United States.

Their idea started when they did a multistate walk in May 2022, which happens to be "National Foster Care Month." From that initial event grew something much larger. They came up with the "idea to walk 20 miles to the capitol buildings in all 50 states." (Source: FOX 5 News)

Davon and Tavon Woods in Harrisburg, PAPhoto byDavon and Tavon Woods

Some photos from their Foster Care Awareness campaign (Foster Kids Matter) in Hawai'i are seen below.

Walking in the state of Hawai'iPhoto byDavon Woods

Woods Brothers Walking in Hawai'iPhoto byDavon Woods

They keep walking because they know they are making a difference for foster care children that don't have a voice.

Davon Woods said:

There are so many kids that need us and so many kids that need to hear our voices." -Davon Woods (Source: FOX 5 News)

Life wasn't always easy for Davon and Tavon Woods. They faced the harsh realities of the foster care system, the abuse, and life on the streets.

Davon and Tavon Went Through the Foster System

FOX 5 News reported that Davon and Tavon Woods, twins that are now 27 years old, went through the foster care system, and experienced trouble on the streets, themselves.

When they were born, their mother was addicted to crack, and they were placed in foster care at birth and were adopted by a couple in South Carolina. The couple that adopted them turned out to be abusive.

Davon shared that it was tough growing up.

He said to FOX Television stations:

"We felt that we were just a check, felt that we were slaves. Never heard ‘I love you,’ never shown any affection." -Davon Woods (Source: FOX 5 News)

He continued:

"Oftentimes we would get beatings for little, small issues, be called ‘stupid’...verbal abuse." -Davon Woods (Source: FOX 5 News)

When they were in high school, they did meet their biological family, but now only have "limited interactions with them." Since sharing their story publicly, they are "estranged from their adoptive parents" in South Carolina.

FOX 5 News reported that when they left high school, they turned to the streets of South Carolina after leaving their adopted parents and even sold drugs for a time and partied, but it wasn't a good life for them.

"We tried college, but it didn’t work out," Tavon said. "We started dabbling in the streets, sold a little drugs.That was basically our life. Partying. Smoking. Girls. That was what we were doing." -Tavon Woods (Source: FOX 5 News)

Davon and Tavon experienced firsthand the challenges of going from the foster care system to the real world. They have turned their life around and now want to help others that are going through the foster care system.

Tavon shares what they hope to accomplish with their mission of walking 20 miles in all 50 states.

He said:

"Our mission is to open up transitional housing for kids that have aged out of foster care...and we want those houses to really cater to those young adults, those people who don’t have any support, any resources." -Tavon Woods (Source: FOX 5 News)
"We want to be able to transform their lives and get them on the right path because a lot of kids in foster care— once they age out— they lose every form of support." -Tavon Woods (Source: FOX 5 News)

The Woods Brothers Have a GoFundMe for their Cause

GoFundMe pagePhoto byDavon Woods

They have a GoFundMe set up with a goal of $20,000.

The description of the GoFundMe reads:

"Hello guys we currently have 39 more states to walk in before we make history and we can’t do this alone. Two twin brothers are on a walk of life - that is being described as a true labor of love. The two hope that each step will help children who they believe are being left behind by a broken foster care system. Davon and Tavon Woods know better than most because they were born into the system 27 years ago. “Listen guys it’s not easy but we gotta get it done. My foot hurts but you see on my shirt foster kids matter,” the brothers said. Both are going the extra mile -- literally -- to raise money and spread awareness for kids in foster care “We experienced so much hurt so much pain so that’s kind of why we’re doin’ what we’re doin’ no”, Davon said. The twins are now on a mission to walk at least 20 miles in all 50 states." (Source: GoFundMe page)

At the time of publication, they had raised $6,629 of their $20,000 goal.

In addition to the GoFundMe campaign, they use the hashtag '#fosterkidsmatter' on social media, and the website for 'FosterKidsMatter.org' says "coming soon" (on the date of publication).

The Woods Brothers' Message of Positivity: 'Let's Help Other Foster Kids'

Davon and Tavon WoodsPhoto byDavon and Tavon Woods/FOX TV Stations

What Davon and Tavon Woods are doing to bring awareness to the foster care system is a great cause, and they have a powerful story of positivity to share.

They just want to make sure other children in the foster care system have the support they need in life so they don't end up on the streets. It's a blessing that they are on this mission to help others.

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