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Positive News: Texas Woman and Cancer Survivor Was Diagnosed, Treated, and Cured of Lung Cancer on the Same Visit

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A 61-year-old Texas woman went into a follow-up for a routine yearly CT scan when doctors found a tumor that was early-stage lung cancer and chose to act quickly.
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One very fortunate grandmother went to Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital for a follow-up test to a routine annual CT scan, after noticing that she was getting out of breath unusually quickly. Despite thinking it was just old age, it was really due to the cancerous tumor in her lungs.

The Lung Cancer Research Foundation found that 1 in 16 people will be diagnosed with lung cancer in their lifetime and that an estimated 236,740 people will be diagnosed with lung cancer in 2022, according to the statistics. The chart below shows declining cases from 1992 to 2020.
Chart of lung cancer from 1992 to 2020Photo byU.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Meet April Boudreau, A Three-Time Cancer Survivor

DailyMail reported that April Boudreau had already undergone cancer treatments on three other occasions in her life, was a survivor of Hodgkin’s lymphoma twice in 1985 and 1985, and survived breast cancer in 2002.

So she was no stranger to the harmful side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments given to treat cancer.

In this next story, those traditional treatments were not needed, thanks to fast-acting doctors ready to help their patients.

Doctors at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital in Fort Worth, TX did something really remarkable to help April Boudreau from having another long ordeal with cancer. Her story is below.

Texas Woman Diagnosed, Treated, and Cured of Cancer on the Same Day with Robotic-Assisted Technology

New York Post reported that 61-year-old April Boudreau came into Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital for a follow-up test for a lung biopsy. She had undergone local anesthesia for the lung biopsy, so she was already under.

That’s when doctors quickly determined that she did in fact have early-stage lung cancer, after performing a biopsy on a tumor. So they made the decision to go ahead and do the procedure.

New York Post reported that the medical team quickly used a “minimally invasive thoracic surgery technique that uses a robotically guided, ultra-thin catheter to target lesions in hard-to-reach areas of the lung.” 

This is “one of the first hospitals in the state to adopt the new robotic-assisted technology, which can identify lung cancer tumors at an earlier stage compared to traditional diagnostic testing.” (Source: New York Post)

During the procedure to remove the tumor, the doctors made “five tiny incisions on her side to remove the tumor, allowing her to go home the next day.” (Source: New York Post)

When April Boudreau woke up, she learned of what doctors discovered and performed — that she was not only diagnosed but also treated in the same window.

She was surprised in a good way.

She said:

“I took pain pills for three days, and that’s all I needed. Within three days later, I was just normal, walking around. I couldn’t believe it.” -April Boudreau, cancer survivor (Source: New York Post)

After this surgery, doctors want to see April every six months for a CT scan, to ensure she stays cancer free.

April is very grateful to the doctors at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital for acting quickly to remove the cancerous tumor.

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