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Woman in Jackson, GA Receives $543 Cash from KFC Drive-Thru with her Sandwich & Two Similar Stories From Fast Food

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A grandmother calls the police after she receives $543 cash with her KFC sandwich from the drive-thru. Her husband is battling cancer and they have $2 million in medical bills. Not everyone would have returned the money.

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It's not everyday that we read about someone doing a good deed. Especially when it is someone that has a husband dealing with serious medical conditions, and they could desperately use a little financial help.

Read about a grandmother that does the right thing and two other stories of people faced with similar situations.

Story #1: Grandmother Finds Cash in Her KFC Bag

Fox Business reported that on 14 September 2022, Mrs. Joann Oliver was on her lunch break when she opened the paper bag with her KFC sandwich and found a cash surprise in her drive-thru order underneath her sandwich. This happened at the KFC on 3rd Street in Jackson, GA.

Mrs. Oliver, a grandmother that still works in order to pay many bills, found the money and then called the City of Jackson Police Department. It was $543.10, and it didn’t belong to her, so she called the authorities to investigate.

WSB-TV News also reported this story.

“That’s my light bill and some…I started counting it and when I got to $500, I stopped and just put it back in the envelope, closed the envelope put the sandwich back the way I got it and just slid it to the side until the officer got here.” -Joann Oliver (Source: WSB-TV News)

WSB-TV News reported “Oliver’s family could have really used the money. She revealed her husband suffered strokes and is battling cancer. Oliver said they are facing medical bills around $2 million.” (Source: WSB-TV News)

That’s not to say that Mrs. Oliver was not tempted for a moment, with her electricity bill due and an empty gas tank.

Mrs. Oliver said:

“For a second. We thought about going shopping. I said I have have kept a 20, because I’m sitting on E…If you don’t do the right thing it’s gonna come back on you. I mean it wasn’t mine. I didn’t need to keep it. I’ll get mine in the future.” -Joann Oliver (Source: WSB-TV News)

The City of Jackson Police Investigation

The Jackson police investigated the situation and determined that KFC made a huge mistake. They placed their daily cash deposit into an unmarked paper bag to be taken to the bank. This paper bag with the cash was accidentally used to fill Mrs. Oliver’s KFC order and her sandwich was placed on top of their daily cash deposit. It was then given to her at the drive-thru. 

Perhaps some would have kept the money as a ‘cash prize’ inciting the childhood saying, “finders keepers, losers weepers,” but not Mrs. Oliver. She is an honest woman and works for every cent she gets. 

The City of Jackson Police Department said the following:

“After investigating the find, it was determined that the restaurant’s daily deposit had accidentally been placed in her sandwich bag. Not only did Mrs. Oliver do the right thing, but she saved the manager’s job. Mrs. Oliver, thank you for reminding us that we have amazing citizens in Jackson, and it’s people like you that make us great!” -City of Jackson Police Department (Source: Fox Business)

The City of Jackson Police Department publicly thanked Mrs. Joann Oliver on their Facebook page, citing her “honesty and goodness.” (Source: Fox Business)

Due to her honesty, KFC refunded Mrs. Oliver the cost of her lunch, and gave her one free meal.

This isn't the first time something like this has happened at a fast food restaurant.

Story #2: Woman Finds Cash in Her Burger King Bag

In January 2015, Business Insider reported that a woman in Rochester, New Hampshire had a similar chicken sandwich and cash experience that left her speechless.

Burger King customer Janelle Jones had ordered sweet tea and a chicken sandwich, and was driving home when she opened the bag and found a lot of cash inside. It totaled $2,631. (Source: Business Insider)

Janelle and her husband were tempted to keep the money, but did the right thing and returned the cash to Burger King about an hour later. She acknowledged that returning the money felt way better than keeping the cash, because it was the right thing to do.

This was another incident where the daily cash deposit was supposed to go to the bank, but was inadvertently handed out with a customer's meal.

As a reward for being honest and returning the money, Burger King awarded Janelle Jones with five free meals.

One more story of a drive-thru incident took place in July 2013.

Story #3: Three Friends Find Cash in Their Taco Bell Bags

People reported that three Taco Bell customers received quite a surprise when they opened up their order received at the drive-thru.

Kennidi Rue had just gone through the drive-thru with friends Luke Postma and Grant Kruse, and instead of their order, it was three bags of cash in the amount of $3,600.

They were in disbelief. Kennidi said:

“I opened my bag to get my food and it ended up being three bags of money – a lot of money – and then another wad of like a ton of twenties...We added it up. We were like, ‘What do we do with this now?’” -Kennidi Rue (Source: People)

She and her friends talked through it and they came to the conclusion that it wasn't theirs to begin with, so they weren't losing anything by returning the $3,600 in cash that belonged to Taco Bell. (Source: People)

It's not everyday that we read about people doing the right thing, but these three stories do show that there are people in this world that choose to do the right thing.


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