Krispy Kreme birthday deal on the 16th of July.

So I stopped by Krispy Kreme the other day for some quick pick up. Their doughnuts are amazing and ordered 3 of them. We had some friends coming over and this was going to be perfect for all of us.

The store was nicely done, and beautiful, with the brick-like old vibe charm. The doughnut dispensing vending machine stood out the most for me. It was such a unique concept. Also, inside the store, you get to see the glazing process of the doughnuts, which was pretty cool. And I also got to know that Krispy Kreme is celebrating its birthday on the 16th and there is a special offer on that day too. So will be heading to the store again. Their doughnuts are the best in town, no doubt. The strawberry glazed doughnut was super yum to try. Do take that one.

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