Opinion: Why is Trump delaying his Court Trial if he is innocent?

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In a controversial move, former President Donald Trump is seeking to delay his court trial for an astonishing one year after the upcoming elections. Despite declaring his innocence and proclaiming, "I did nothing wrong," many critics view this request as an attempt to evade accountability for any potential wrongdoing.

Skepticism arises from Trump's refusal to face the legal proceedings promptly, raising doubts about the sincerity of his claims of innocence. With this delay tactic, some argue that he is actively trying to avoid the possibility of facing jail time and is instead aiming for a political comeback in the hopes of securing a pardon that experts argue would be legally questionable.

The request for such a significant postponement of the trial has intensified the public's concern over the former president's motives. Skeptics argue that if Trump genuinely believed in his innocence, he would be eager to clear his name in court at the earliest opportunity.

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By opting to delay the trial until after the elections, critics suggest that he may be attempting to leverage his potential return to the presidency to pardon himself, which many legal experts have argued would be an abuse of executive power and an infringement upon the principles of justice and accountability.

This move has sparked a heated debate within legal circles and among the general public, with some viewing it as a strategic attempt to evade the consequences of any alleged misdeeds. They argue that the principle of equal justice under the law should apply to everyone, regardless of their political standing or aspirations.

In light of this development, many believe that it is essential for the justice system to remain impartial and independent, ensuring that no one is above the law, not even a former president seeking to reclaim the highest office in the land.

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