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Harvard faces lawsuit for having racial preferences

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White Students are admitted more than students of color
Harvards building.Photo bySasha Prasastika

(Massachusetts, United States) Latino and black students sued Harvard University for preferring children of a parent, or a relative who studied there. They are also accepting more and more big donors' children as well.

Merit is the reason why these students are entering Harvard, not because of their good grades, or because they study harder, just because a relative also studied there and it is easier for them to get in the school because of that.

"This legacy and donor-related admissions get preferential treatment and the vast majority of them, approximately 70% are white. This is how rich white kids get an unfair and unearned advantage because of the socioeconomic status" Students say

This is how students without those connections, disadvantaged socioeconomic status, or minorities can not get admitted as easily as white kids.

If a student is related to someone who went to Harvard they are 7 times more likely to be admitted, with an admission rate of 42%.

The disproportionate acceptance of white students over Latinos and Black Americans at Harvard University perpetuates a harmful cycle of racial disparities and deepens societal inequality. When prestigious institutions like Harvard fail to address racial admission disparities, they reinforce a system that privileges certain racial groups while marginalizing others.

This perpetuates the notion that white individuals are inherently more deserving of educational opportunities, hindering the progress toward a truly inclusive and equal society.

By limiting the representation of Latinos and Black Americans, Harvard misses out on the unique perspectives and contributions that these communities bring to the academic environment, hindering diversity and depriving society of the full range of talents and experiences.

This unequal treatment hampers social progress and reinforces systemic racism, ultimately hindering the collective growth and advancement of society as a whole.

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