People will have 6 arms in the future: Wearable Robotic arms developed in Tokyo

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Tokyo University is pushing the boundaries of human-machine interaction
Robotic arm giving a flower to a young girl.Photo byPavel Danilyuk

(Tokyo, Japan) Technology: A team of researchers at Tokyo University is pushing the boundaries of human-machine interaction with their groundbreaking development of wearable robotic arms. Led by Professor Masahiko Inami, the team is working towards creating devices that can revolutionize various fields, from creative expression to search and rescue operations.

Inspired by the concept of "Jizai," a Japanese term denoting autonomy and freedom, these wearable robotic arms aim to bridge the gap between humans and tools, akin to the relationship between a musician and their instruments.

At the heart of Professor Inami's research is the belief that technology should be harnessed to increase human capabilities.
Robot hand and human hand.Photo byTara Winstead

By developing wearable robotic arms, the team seeks to empower individuals to perform tasks beyond their natural limitations.

Professor Masahiko Inami, created these wearable robotic arms to potentiate and revolutionize search and rescue operations.

The ability to extend reach and strength could significantly aid emergency responders in reaching inaccessible locations and providing assistance in hazardous environments. These devices could enhance the effectiveness of rescue missions, potentially saving lives and minimizing risks for both rescuers and those in need.
Robotic arm serving coffee to an elder.Photo byPavel Danilyuk

By embracing the concept of "Jizai" and drawing inspiration from traditional arts, they aim to create devices that seamlessly integrate with the human body, expanding our abilities in domains ranging from creative expression to search and rescue operations. This is a groundbreaking creation and it will change the future of every nation.

This new invention undoubtedly changes how fast we can save people's lives once this robot gets to the USA. As this research progresses, it holds the potential to reshape the way we interact with technology and unlock new possibilities for human potential.

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