Opinion: The American economy has always been rooted in the immigrant workforce

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Fewer Latino Immigrants means less American Economic Growth

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(Florida, United States) News Measures imposed by Senator Ron DeSantis, among the new law's provisions, higher penalties for:

- Transporting Latinos without papers into the State

- E-verify screenings for new hires if a business has 25 or more employees

- Invalidates law degrees and out-of-state driver's licenses

- Hospitals would be required to ask for migration status

- Banning local Governments from issuing ID to Latinos without proper documentation

Ira J Kurzban, American civil rights, and Florida Immigration Attorney says there are a number of problematic measures in the new state law. He explains that every state can not make its own rules about immigration, it would chaos if that was allowed in the United States.

The Federal Government is the only one with the power to make these decisions.

Florida has around 775, 000 Latinos without access to legal papers. This law is causing chaos and fear among the workforce in Florida.

"Latinos Immigrants make up 35% of the construction industry and also an estimated 47% of the agriculture industry, loosing these workers could be an economic loss of nearly $1.3 Billion per year and a drop of 10% of the state's total workforce." NBC News

This law is going to break up families and also crash the economy in the States.

Florida's tourism sector, a vital pillar of the state's economy, could also suffer. Latino immigrants contribute significantly to the hospitality industry, adding cultural diversity and providing services in hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

A hostile environment would deter potential tourists, tarnishing Florida's image as an inclusive and welcoming destination.

It is essential to recognize that the strength of the American economy has always been rooted in its diversity and the contributions of immigrants. The adoption of laws driven by hatred and discrimination threatens to unravel the very fabric that has made Florida and the United States prosperous.

To foster economic growth and ensure a brighter future, it is crucial to embrace inclusivity, justice, and equal opportunities for all, regardless of their background or immigration status.

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