French teenagers rioting for Brown Arab Kid Killed by French Police

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Protests and turmoil unleashed by Police Brutality
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(Paris, France.) A teenage kid, known as Nahel M was driving a vehicle without a driver's license when he was detained by the police, tried to escape from the scene but the officers shoot him dead as soon as he took off.

Due to the racial profiling of French Officers, Nahel was a victim of Police Brutality.

He was a first-generation Algerian, a former French colony that contributed to most of North Africa’s immigration to France.

“He grew up on an estate called Pablo Picasso in Nanterre, a Parisian suburb home to many immigrants. “Nahel was a quiet boy,” 
said Saliha, a resident in his neighborhood.” France 24

He was working as a delivering man, according to the family's lawyer. He was also enrolled in a Sport program for teenagers from marginalized and impoverished zones and he was a huge fan of rugby.
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He had no criminal record, as opposed to what people think and suspect on different social media sites due to his socioeconomic situation and ethnic background. 

Police officers stopped him because he was driving recklessly, not because he was doing any illegal activities. But because of the way he was driving, he was not a criminal, he was just a kid.

“Nahel’s mother has alleged that her son was killed because he had an “Arab face.” “The officer saw an Arab face, a little kid, and wanted to take his life,” she said.” Hindustan Times
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“France has a long and sordid history of colonial racism and violence against people racialized as “non-white”, stretching from Haiti, Guadeloupe, and Martinique in the Caribbean to Réunion Island in the Indian Ocean, North, and West Africa as well as Vietnam, among many other populations. France has ruthlessly oppressed Algerian people in particular — including those who are French citizens.

Indeed, the French colonization of Algeria dates back to the early 1800s and involved the widespread use of brutal violence and mass killings to establish French rule.” Aljazeera
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From 1954 to 1962, 1 million Algerian people were slaughtered and systematically tortured by the French regime when they were fighting for independence from France. 

“This was done in a desperate attempt to maintain their colonial empire in the name of “liberté, egalité et fraternité” — freedom, equality, and brotherhood.” Aljazeera

The French Police violence has also historically targeted Arab and Black people in France. In 1961, the police murdered more than 100 French Arabs who were peacefully protesting in Paris. 

This is not inexplicable, President Macron knows that there is a pattern of system racism being played out in France and targeting people of color in France for decades. 

The real violence is not the riots, the people protesting on the streets, cars, and buses being burned and police stations being destroyed, the true violence is the murders of black, arab, Asian, and indigenous people all around the world. 

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