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Two Californian Cities Make the Top 10 Most Rat-Infested List

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According to the results of a July survey, the City of Angels continues to hold the position of having the second-highest rat infestation in the United States.On Orkin's yearly list of the "Top 50 Rattiest Cities," Los Angeles again finished in second place, behind only Chicago.

The cities were rated according to where Orkin had carried out the most rodent treatments during the previous year.The state of New York had the third-worst score overall. The city of West Palm Beach, Florida, came in at number 50.

According to Orkin, the closing of restaurants due to the pandemic has caused rats to forage for food in residential areas, which has increased the visibility of these pests.

"Rodents are experts at sniffing out food and shelter, and they're resilient in the ways they obtain both," - Orkin entomologist Ben Hottel.

Rodents can generate offspring quickly and in huge numbers after they have established themselves in their new environment, provided by residential homes, which offer the perfect habitat for these pests.

Specialists advise you to promptly put away garbage, avoid leaving food out, and keep locations clear of clutter.The rat issue in sunny Los Angeles is pervasive and out of control, particularly in regions of the city that are overrun with garbage and close to the central business district.

In 2018, the county of Los Angeles was the epicenter of a typhus epidemic that spread across the United States. Fleas that ill rats or other animals have bitten are the most common vectors for the transmission of typhus.

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