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I've Tried Four Belly Fat Loss Teas, And Here's Why They Are Perfect Bogus.

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I've Tried Four Belly Fat Loss Teas, And Here's Why They Are Perfect Bogus.

Sometimes it feels like I can't even be online for more than five minutes without seeing ads for fashionable food products like fitness, changing places, and fatty foods. Not only do I get tired of seeing things like this, but I also worry about how many people are buying these products in the hope that they will decrease.

So, instead of just ignoring these ads and moving on with my life, I did what most writers would do and decided that I should see for myself. I went to Amazon, typed in "belly fat loss teas" and ordered four high-quality products.

Spoiler warning: these teas are not completely deceptive, and some can lead to serious health problems or junk food if taken too long.

Stomach fatty tea is extremely harmful to the stomach.

Some of the first weight loss teas I've tried are Amazon's top two brands: 3 Ballerinas Dieter Tea and Hyley's Slim Tea. I learned a lot about both of these products as aids in relieving constipation and helping lose weight, so I wanted to try them on my own.

The first reason many of these "belly fat loss" teas can be dangerous is that many of them contain natural laxatives, which are widely used with senna leaves. Senna is used in many oriental medicines as a way to relieve constipation and diarrhoea, but unfortunately, it has been picked up in many weight loss teas as a main ingredient.

If you feel uncomfortable with constipation, a laxative can help. However, its long-term use as a weight loss supplement can be harmful both mentally and physically. Not only does it improve laxative dependence or weak bowel function, but according to a study from the American Journal of Public Health, women who use laxative control in their weight loss efforts increase their chances of having an eating disorder six times.

I have tried each tea only once, and while I will spare you the details, I will say that the senna leaves are definitely effective. While I see how helpful this tea can be if you really need a strong laxative, I am disappointed to know that there are many products out there that advertise this as a weight loss remedy.

Weight loss with tea

Semi-bogus teas

After trying these laxative-heavy teas and quickly disposing of them, I ordered two "belly fat" teas that had a unique and heavy texture on Amazon. I chose the Fit Tea 28-Day Detox and the Rapid Fire Herbal Teatox.

And although studies have shown that green tea and certain medications may be helpful in weight loss efforts, these products should not be advertised as a weight loss solution because losing weight in a healthy, continuous, and safe way requires more than usual. A lifestyle change

In the stomach, drink real tea for fat loss.

At the end of the day, losing fat requires more than just a miraculous drink. Because most of your belly fat is "visceral" fat, losing it safely is about changing your diet and getting enough daily movement in your system.

Drinking tea like this may reduce transient constipation or constipation, but it will not help you reduce the fat around your organs. Finally, these fake fat loss remedies are not only because they ultimately do not work, but they can be dangerous to your mental and physical health.

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