Dancer-a celebrated public artwork.

Introduced in 2003 by the artist named Jonathan Borofsky, The Dancers is there to capture the enthusiasm of the complex. The artwork is 60-foot long artwork that maintains the reputation of the Denver Performing Arts Complex.

This artwork is put together with steel and fiberglass, but it holds more importance than just a piece of steel. Sometimes, it is known as dancing aliens, which is the funniest part of this beautiful artwork. Denver is usually famous for its public artwork.

It has already established dozens of artwork all around the city, Dancers being one of them. The sculpture is open all the time, and the artwork is free to visit. The song "let's dance" is being played continuously on all the five speakers around the sculpture.

This piece of steel has been a hidden gem for Denver for so many years and creates thought-provoking scenery for the people coming to visit the sculpture park.

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