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Cattle mysteriously die or go missing stumping investigators.

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Cattle mysteriously die and go missing across the United States on a regular basis, but some of this stuff is just simply strange.

Charlie Rankin, host of Yanasa TV’s commentary podcast “As A Man Thinketh” points out that some of the cattle cases are simply mind blowing.

According to CBS Colorado, 80 head of cattle recently went missing in Baca County, without a trace. According to Charlie and what he has been able to research, the theft was not an easy task and the fact it happened without a trace is suspicious.

Meanwhile in Meeker Colorado over 40 cows have been found dead between October 2022 and January 2023. Charlie says that the deaths have been unexplained, the rancher believes it is the cause of wolves, however fish and wildlife has not been able to confirm wolves in the area of the “attacks.” Fish and wildlife says it could be a bovine disease caused by Clostridium bacteria.

However Charlie’s perspective is that this was not a disease and the Denver Post reported that “microscopic lesions, which typically indicate a bacterial infection, were not present in the animals.” Reports state that some of the cattle had mutilations similar to wolf attacks, including missing tales and organs.

“Disease, wolves, thieves, aliens, or blackholes” Charlie says as he talks about the mysterious unexplained deaths of cattle dating back decades.

Charlie notes that over the past year two documentaries, one on Netflix called On the Trail of UFOs and one with Tucker Carlson of Fox News take note of the strange cattle mutilations and possible UFO sightings.

“I haven’t watched them, if I did there’s no telling where my mind would go” he said as he pops up an article about 400 confirmed UFO sightings from the FBI.

According to Charlie, TV shows like Yellowstone really aren’t that far off from reality out west. He mentions a cattle theft ring that was busted in the Texas panhandle last year involving a Judge and several past sheriff deputies.

“Taylor Sheridan does a fantastic job of capturing real life situations of these ranchers” Charlie proclaims "and the shows responses to these issues are very level headed."

Last summer thousands of cattle died in a heat wave across the midwest. Charlie said that while the arguments are feasible that the cows may have died from heat stroke, he believes there must have been other contributing factors. Cattle are capable of handling some extreme swings in temperature and conditions, the deaths weren’t widespread across the entire heat wave, neither were they limited to a specific feed lot.

“Feed lots create heat islands and less desirable conditions, however they also have resources for the animals” Charlie explained.

There has been a lot of speculation about the cattle deaths last summer, Charlie didn’t have an answer but felt it was worth investigating.

“Maybe there’s an algae bloom in that area of the aquifer, either way we should try to figure out what happened” he said.

According to Charlie, there’s another possible culprit to cattle mutilations, thefts, and unexplained deaths, monkey wrenching groups. He points out that in 2020 a farmer in Michigan harvesting corn for silage found scrap metal tied throughout one thousand acres of corn. The intent of the culprits was to have the metal shredded into the silage to slowly kill the cows.

“These are some sick people, not animal rights activists” said Charlie.

One thing is for sure, ranchers are dealing with some strange things and some difficult times.

The past three years of La Nina have caused extreme drought conditions across the United States which has dramatically reduced the national herd size. In some states like Texas herds have been reduced by as much as 50%. According to Charlie the dramatic decrease in herd size caused a beef production boom in 2022 but will translate to extreme shortages for at least two years after the drought ends.

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