Woman trains her Brahman Breeder Bull to ride under western saddle.

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Just when you thought you've seen it all or heard every love story about a pet, Cyana Briles and her bull Spartacus will surprise you with something new.

Cyana Briles riding Spartacus the Brahman BullMeet My Neighbor Productions, Inc.

Cyana and her husband, Kenneth, raise Brahman Cattle as seed stock on their farm, Briles Farm. Seed stock cattle are cattle raised to supply breeding cattle to larger commercial herds.

Kenneth and Cyana BrilesMeet My Neighbor Productions, Inc.

Brahman Cattle are a very different breed of cattle. Originally bred in the United States, the breed is derived from numerous breeds from around the world. For this reason Brahman Cattle are often considered the global breed. They are bos indicus which is actually a different species than Angus or Hereford Cattle which are bos taurus cattle.

Spartacus the Brahman Bull was born on Briles Farm in Trinity, North Carolina during the May calving season of 2016. The moment he was born, Cyana knew there was something different about this bull. He showed as much interest in her as he did his own species, which is highly unusual for a cow. It was his extremely friendly and curious personality that caused Cyana to accept him as a personal companion and not just another cow.

Cyana Briles on Briles Farm with her brahmans.Meet My Neighbor Productions, Inc.

As Cyana's relationship with Spartacus grew she got a wild hair to try and train Spartacus to ride under saddle just like a horse. Most brahman bulls under saddle are incredibly powerful rodeo athletes that won't let you stay put for much more than eight seconds. Spartacus is not one of those bulls.

Cyana has nurtured Spartacus to be extremely docile, of course a lot of that also has to do with his genetics and natural personality. Spartacus has spent many days wondering the isles of places like Tractor Supply while shopping with Cyana, and strolling the streets of Denton, North Carolina near their farm.

Cyana Briles and Spartacus the Brahman Bull in Denton North CarolinaMeet My Neighbor Productions, Inc.

In 2020 Cyana hired renown exotic animal trainer Terri Bowen Lindley to help her train Spartacus to ride under western saddle. Could you imagine neck reining while sitting on top of a two thousand pound bull? It sounds like something that should be in a world record book.

As crazy as the concept may sound, Terri and Cyana were successful. Spartacus is now trained to ride!

Terri Bowen Lindley riding Spartacus the Brahman BullMeet My Neighbor Productions, Inc.

Meet My Neighbor Productions, a 501(c)3 nonprofit production company focused on regenerative, sustainable, and humane animal treatment story telling documented the training of Spartacus and published a short film about him called A Woman's Dream for Spartacus the Brahman Bull.

As the president of the Eastern Brahman Breeders Association, Cyana Briles plans to continue working with Spartacus and make him an ambassador for the Brahman cattle breed. Spartacus will never see the inside of a meat packaging plant, instead he will live out his days breeding good temperament in future seed stock and attending birthday parties for young cowboys and cowgirls.

Spartacus the Brahman Bull with a young cowboy on his back.Meet My Neighbor Productions, Inc.

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