A Colossal 33-Foot Anaconda Discovered in Cave By Construction Workers

Yana Bostongirl
AnacondaPhoto byDavid ClodeonUnsplash

A massive 33-foot anaconda was discovered in a cave in Brazil by construction workers. The anaconda which weighed 900 pounds is the largest ever recorded and its measurements have been verified by the Guinness Book of World Records.

It is unconfirmed whether the anaconda died as a result of a controlled explosion made by the construction workers or if it was killed by them when it came out of its cave. A crane was then required to lift the body of the anaconda.

Anacondas are part of the Boidae family which includes boas and pythons. They are nonvenomous and are known to be opportunistic hunters who like to eat birds, mammals such as deer and capybaras, as well as fish. The four known kinds of anacondas: are the green anaconda, the yellow anaconda, the dark-spotted anaconda, and the Bolivian anaconda. The anaconda discovered in Brazil was a female, green anaconda. In addition, to its incredible length, the anaconda also had a girth of 44 inches which in itself is an impressive thickness.

Typically green anacondas grow up to 30 feet long and weigh around 500 pounds. Their main habitat is in the lowland marshes and swamps of the Amazon Basin. Since they spend most of their time submerged in water, their nostrils and eyes are situated at the top of their head to better see predators and prey.

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