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The Shadowy Creature of Pitty Pat Hollow is Said to Creep Up On a Travelers Unawares Before Making A Sudden Move

Yana Bostongirl

A popular Tennessee lore is about a mysterious shadowy creature who lives in Pitty Pat Hollow in the community of Sale Creek. The sightings are said to occur in the area starting before the Mill Dam Bridge, onto Daugherty Ferry Road, and through the hollow until it meets Providence Road.

Numerous stories abound of how unsuspecting people came face to face with this scary creature as a result of which people avoid going to that area after dark.

One of the earliest stories associated with this creature is that of a woman and her children making their way in a carriage when it took a sharp turn and flipped over. It is said that it was at that point the creature of Pitty Pat appeared and made off with the children who were never seen again as this excerpt explains: "The basic version of the legend tells us of a settler woman and several small children travelling in a wagon at night through Shipley Hollow. From out of the darkness, something startles the horse causing the wagon to overturn on top of the mother killing her. The children disappear into the night, possibly taken by the entity, never to be seen again."

Later on, rumors began to swirl of an entity that pursued travelers at dark while making a sound that could only be described as 'pitty pat.' Some even claimed that this creature climbed upon the backs of horses and buggies passing through Pitty Pat Hollow.

While it is still unconfirmed whether there is an actual creature roaming Pitty Pat Hollow, the legend has spawned many local books such as Ghosts of the Southern Tennessee Valley.

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