Rare and Colorful Tarantula Like Giant Creature Discovered and is in Need of Protection

Yana Bostongirl

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Researchers found a rare and colorful spider that is a type of golden trapdoor spider belonging to the genus Euoplos. The tarantula-like creature was first discovered living near the towns of Monto and Eidsvold in Australia back in the 20th century but was unnamed due to a lack of research.

According to reports, the lack of a male specimen presented a major problem with regard to identifying and naming a species within the Mygalomorphae order, which Euoplos spiders are part of: "The researchers needed new genetic material they could test from a living male specimen — which meant they had to find one. They finally spotted what they were looking for on a roadside in the Eidsvold-Monto region after a three-day search in May 2021. It was the first collection of the species since the 1990s. After comparing their find to other specimens in the museum's collection, the research team officially described Euoplos dignitas."

A spokesman for the Queensland Museum described Euoplos dignitas as an inch long and about the size of a 50c Australian coin which happens to be slightly larger than its American counterpart.

While the female of the species has a red-brown carapace and is said to grow up to 2 inches long, the male is said to have a striking honey-red carapace and a grayish abdomen. They are also known to live for decades with one that is believed to have lived for 43 years!

Researchers have found that these trap-door spiders are in need of protection because their roadside habitats are been destroyed due to agricultural progress.

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