Restaurant Patron Nauseated After Noticing Crawlies Hidden Inside His Half-Eaten Juicy Fried Chicken

Yana Bostongirl
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Imagine going out to a restaurant hoping to enjoy some delicious fried chicken only to find out you have been served food teeming with maggots!

Per reports, in this incident that happened in Malaysia and went viral on Twitter, a restaurant patron was shocked to spot crawlies hidden inside the juicy fried chicken that he was eating: "When a customer ordered chicken at an eatery in Malaysia, they most probably did not know that they were in for a horror. In a video that is going viral on social media, a customer shared that the chicken they ordered was infested with maggots."

Maggots or fly larvae come from the housefly. The most common places where the fly lays its eggs include trash, feces, and carrion. About 24 hours later, the eggs hatch and start to crawl around and consume whatever they hatch onto.

On April 18, the Twitter page @MALAYSIAVIRALLL shared a video of a man who is holding up a chicken piece while another records the maggots coming out of the chicken. Some of the people viewing the video had some strong reactions as this excerpt explains: "An individual wrote, "Looks so bad, I just vomited." A second added, "This is horrible." "Report them and take them to court," posted a third. A fourth added, "Need to stop eating chicken from open-air food stalls today." A fifth added, "I am disgusted."

The video has since received 700K views and thousands of likes. While many were vocal in their criticism of the eatery for serving disgusting food, others called for a boycott.

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