Nuclear Bunker Built to Ensure the Continuity of Government Now Houses the Massachusetts Emergency Management Services

Yana Bostongirl
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Built during the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis and dedicated 10 days before the assassination of President John F Kennedy, the MEMA bunker located in Massachusetts was created to ensure the continuity of government in case of nuclear war.

Per reports, the bunker houses the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency where workers gather to coordinate the state's response to freezing storms, natural disasters, and other crises forty feet beneath the ground. It is said that the steel doors of the facility which weigh a hefty 3 tonnes are open even during raging storms and will only be closed if a nuclear attack happens.

Located on Route 9 in Framingham, the site for the bunker was specifically chosen as a safe distance away from the Boston area in case of a nuclear attack as Peter Judge, MEMA's public information officer explains: "The building was built with the idea of a potentially atomic blast in the Greater Boston area. So the building, although it’s an acre in size, is actually on springs."

The bunker can accommodate up to a few hundred people including key government officials if the need arises as this excerpt explains: "The doomsday facility was built to accommodate 300 people — the governor and state officials for up to 30 days. There’s a kitchen and cafeteria, barracks with bunk beds and extra cots and blankets. There's a special high security room, sort of a bunker within the bunker, for the state's director of public safety."

Though electricity to the facility comes from an above-ground grid, there are three diesel generators in the event that the electricity fails. Water is supplied by two 40-foot wells. In addition to a cafeteria, sleeping areas, and storage, there is even a two-space morgue on site for deaths that occur from natural causes while sheltering underground.

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