Hammer Discovered Inside 400 Million Years Old Rock Dating From the Cretaceous Period Remains a Mind-Boggling Mystery

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When Max Hahn of London, Texas, and his wife went out for a walk in 1936, they were not expecting to stumble upon a hammer embedded in a rock that is purportedly 400 million years old. The artifact dubbed the 'London Hammer' has had people scratching their heads ever since wondering whether humans have been around far longer than was thought.

According to conventional history, man has been around for around 200,000, however, the discovery of the 6-inch-long hammerhead in a rock formation that dates back to the cretaceous times not only seems to challenge that belief but also managed to draw the attention of the creationists.

The London Hammer was catapulted into fame when Young Earth Creationist Carl Baugh bought and called the artifact a “monumental ‘pre-Flood’ discovery.” He also went to on to question mainstream history: “If the artifact is truly from the Cretaceous time frame, where does this leave evolutionary theory, since man was not supposed to have evolved for another 100 million years or so? If the artifact is relatively recent, that means that the Cretaceous Hensell Sand formation from which it came is relatively young... Again, where does that leave evolutionary theory with its traditional dates for the Cretaceous formations?”

Per reports, the hammer looks like a tool akin to the kind used in the 1800s: "Believed to be made to work with soft metals (due to its shape and size) the hammer has not rusted since its discovery in 1936. Also, parts of the wooden handle were beginning to form into coal."

Some suggest there may be a simpler answer to this mystery and that is the hammer was dropped by accident into a crevice in the ancient limestone and the rock had hardened around it over time.

The London Hammer is currently housed in Baugh’s Creation Evidence Museum, where replicas are available for sale.

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