The Largest Pacific Blue Marlin Recorded was a Massive 1,376 Pounder That Was Caught After an Epic 40 Minute Battle

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Blue MarlinPhoto byPaul Brennan

The Blue Marlin is known for its impressive size and spear-like bill similar to that of a swordfish. This majestic billfish is also hugely popular among anglers in part due to stories written about them by famous authors such as Ernest Hemingway.

One of the largest of the Marlin species, the Pacific Blue Marlin (Makaira mazara) inhabits the waters of the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Although they have been known to grow to lengths of up to 16 feet, most taper off around 11 feet. They are apex predators that like to feed on small, squid and bottom fish.

On 31st May 1982 angler, Jay de Beaubien caught a monstrous Pacific Blue Marlin weighing a hefty 1,376 pounds as this excerpt explains: "De Beaubien trawled with a Kita lure around Kaaiwi Point in Hawaii and battled the enormous fish for 40 minutes — which is a testament to both the talent of the angler and the sheer size and strength of the Marlin." 

According to reports, the catch was made while fishing aboard the No Problem, skippered by Bobby Brown, using an Erskine rod with a 12/0 Fin-Nor reel. The beastly fish was 193 inches in length and had an 82-inch girth.

The IGFA All-Tackle World Record Beaubien set in 1982 still stands unbroken today.

On May 8, 1984, Linda Miller obtained the women's 16-pound line class record when she caught a 632-pounder off the coast of Panama. Imagine her surprise when the 120-inch Marlin with a girth size of 66 inches popped up while she was trolling for bonito!

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