A Mysterious 7 foot Tall Hairy Creature With Red Eyes Spawned the Legend of Boggy Creek

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In 1971, a man named Bobby Ford of Texarkana claimed he was attacked in his house by a 7-foot-tall hairy creature with red eyes. The Texarkana Gazette reported the incident and thus the legend of the "Fouke Monster" was born. Later on, The Associated Press and United Press International wire services picked it up further fueling the Fouke frenzy across the nation.

The "Fouke Monster," otherwise known as the "Boggy Creek Monster" is a Sasquatch-like creature said to haunt the network of creeks that can be found from the Sulphur River Bottoms in southern Arkansas to the small town of Fouke. It has been described as follows: "Various reports between 1971 and 1974 described it as being a large, bipedal creature covered in long dark hair. It was estimated to be about 7 feet with a weight of 250–300 pounds. Later reports claimed that it was far larger, with one witness describing it as 10 feet tall, with an estimated weight of 800 pounds. Some accounts describe the Fouke Monster as running swiftly with a galloping gait and swinging its arms in a fashion similar to a monkey. Reports also describe it as having a terrible odor, the odor being described as a combination of a skunk and a wet dog, and as having bright red eyes about the size of silver dollars."

According to reports, when reporters went to interview Bobby Ford at his home after the alleged attack by the Fouke Monster, they were surprised to find the terrified family vacating their newly purchased home: "Ford said the man-like creature, which was about seven feet tall and three feet across the chest, put its arm around his shoulder and grabbed him. Ford broke free from the creature and ran, reporting that he ran so fast that he did not stop to open the front door but barreled right through it. He was treated at a local hospital for minor scratches and shock."

Despite shots being fired at the creature, no blood was found on the scene although investigators did notice a strange set of tracks and claw marks on the porch of Ford's house.

Although some claim the Fouke Monster is a hoax, several people, including respected citizens, experienced hunters, and famous musicians, are said to have laid eyes on this mysterious creature over the years.

The Legend of Boggy Creek, a low-budget pseudo-documentary thriller about the Fouke Monster, set the cash registers ringing in 1973 and is still considered to be a cult classic. Per reports, the legend continues to be mentioned on TV shows such as Monsters and Mysteries in America, Finding Bigfoot, Mysteries at the Museum, MonsterQuest, Lost Tapes, and Weird Travels.

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