A Fearsome Race of Giants Over 15 Feet Tall are Said to Roam the Dark Jungles of the Solomon Islands

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Located east of Papua New Guinea, the thousand or so islands that make up the Solomon Islands were discovered and named by Spanish navigator Alvaro de Mendaña in1568. Prior to the arrival of the Europeans, the islands were said to be rife with cannibalism and headhunting.

Though it is globally known for the Battle of Guadalcanal which was fought during the Second World War, stories of a race of menacing humanoid creatures over 15 feet tall that roam the hitherto unexplored tropical forests of the Solomon Islands are fairly common among the locals.

Marius Boirayon, Research Director of Solomon Anthropological Expedition Trust Board Incorporated, has been collecting first-account reports of giant sightings. In his book titled "Solomon Island Mysteries," Boirayon describes the giants as follows: "These Guadalcanal Giants, as he calls them, have very long black, brown or reddish hair, protruding double eyebrows, bulging red eyeballs, flat noses, and wide gapping mouth facial features. Awareness of them is shown by the newspapers, as well."

Chilling stories of kidnappings of the local people by the Solomon Island giants are not uncommon. One of the documented stories was that of a woman named Mango as this excerpt explains: “The Guadalcanal people, and many others, all know the story of ‘Mango,’ whom passed away two years ago. She had been kidnapped by the Giants fifty years ago and spent 25 odd years with them, and like them all they had given her up for dead until she was found pregnant, hysterically frothing from the mouth in a garden on the Northeast coast. A Giant had taken her as a wife."

According to reports, even though Mango eventually gave birth to a boy, she continued to suffer the psychological effects of the time she spent in captivity. In a tragic turn of events, one of her brothers killed her son when he was just five years old.

Although there is no concrete evidence that these giants exist, some suggest anything is possible since 70% of Solomon Islands remains as virgin tropical rainforest and could very well hold many secrets that it is not willing to give up anytime soon.

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