US Navy Sailors Became Molecularly Fused to Warship During Secret Trials of Creepy Teleportation Experiment

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The Philadelphia Experiment was an alleged top-secret experiment that was supposed to make ships invisible to enemy radar. According to reports, the USS Eldridge, a Cannon-class destroyer escort, located in Philadelphia Naval Shipyard where the experiment was conducted was teleported to Norfolk Virginia on October 28, 1943.

The secret trials of the invisibility cloak were carried under the direction of Albert Einstein as this excerpt explains: "The Philadelphia Conspiracy was an alleged top secret government project codenamed Operation Rainbow, carried out under the auspices of Albert Einstein in accordance with his unified field theory. Its objective was to test alien invisibility technology. It was 1943, the midst of World War II and the US was seeking an advantage to help them win the Battle of the Atlantic."

The results could be viewed as both a success and a tragedy.

Per reports, the USS Eldridge disappeared from the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard and reappeared 200 miles away: "It’s said that those on nearby ships witnessed the generators of the Eldridge begin to hum, a green-blue hue – some said a fog or a glow – emanated from the destroyer’s hull and, in an instant, the ship simply vanished. It’s said the ship reappeared again just as suddenly, but only after it was spotted materialising out of thin air over 200 miles away, at Norfolk Naval Shipyard in Virginia – before then vanishing a second time."

The Star Trek-style teleportation was achieved by utilizing a variation of Einstein's Unified Field Theory which rendered the ship invisible when enveloped in a powerful electromagnetic field.

Even though that part worked, it left the skeleton crew aboard the USS Eldridge reeling from physical and psychological effects. In addition to nausea, disorientation, insanity, and third-degree burns suffered by some crew members, others were found fused to the warship as this excerpt explains: "The most alarming effects regarded crew being found fused to parts of the ship, some of them still alive."

Alfred Bielek, author of the Philadelphia Experiment and other Conspiracies and supposed member of the Philadelphia Experiment's research team, described the horror that unfolded in these words: “The first thing they found was two sailors buried in the steel deck, dying or near dead. Two more were found standing upright in the bulkhead. Other sailors were missing, or vaporised.”

Although some claim the experiment was a hoax, the story managed to make waves around the world. It inspired the books Thin Air and The Philadelphia Experiment: Project Invisibility as well as the movies The Philadelphia Experiment, and Philadelphia Experiment II. The story also made its way to the small screen on shows such as Unsolved Mysteries and X-Files.

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