The Last Meal of this Massive 23-Foot Long Great White Shark Consisted of a Blue Shark, a Dolphin, and a Turtle

Yana Bostongirl

Back in 1987, Alfredo Cutajar had the surprise of his life when he discovered a gigantic Great White shark entangled in his fishing nets. When he noticed that his buoys were submerged, the fisherman from the village of 'Wied-iz-zurrieq' in Malta, expected it to be one big tuna or swordfish but not a shark that was much larger than his 15-foot boat!

It took the help of another bigger boat and 4 grueling hours to drag the massive beast to port but once there it proved too heavy to lift out of the water on account of the dock's limited facilities as this excerpt explains: "It took him about 4 hours to drag it to the nearest port. There the locals tried to pull the shark up using the winch that is used to pull boats out of the water. Yet the shark was too heavy for the winch and thus the shark was taken to a nearby port where the shark was hoisted up using a crane!"

Per reports, when the shark was gutted, the belly of the beast revealed the remnants of its last meal which included a 6-foot-long Blue shark, pieces of an 8-foot-long dolphin, and a turtle. Upon further examination, it was revealed that the shark, a female, had recently given birth which could have been a reason for its voracious appetite.

Malta is no stranger to big fish as many teeth of the prehistoric Megaladon have been discovered in the limestone rock. Local folklore also speaks of other giant sea monsters including the silfjun, a ‘whale-sized shark’ that dwelt around the island of Filfla.

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