Squalicorax Was Known as the Dinosaur Devouring Shark

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Squalicorax, also known as the crow shark, was a prehistoric shark that live 70-80 million years ago during the middle to the late Cretaceous period. Its most distinctive feature was its formidable teeth which are described as finely serrated blades.

Based on the fossilized teeth, it is assumed that Squalicorax grew up to 15 feet in length and weighed around 1000 pounds.

In addition to roaming the northern oceans of North America, Europe, and North Africa, a Squalicorax skeleton recovered in Kansas points to the fact that it swam in the Western Interior Seaway as well. Per reports, Canada and mid-US were once covered by a vast sea called the Western Interior Seaway which was home to not only the Squalicorax but also giant monsters like mosasaurs.

It is suggested that Squalicorax's diet consisted mostly of ocean animals but they were also known to go after bigger prey based on their bite marks found on fossils: "Squalicorax sharks likely fed mainly on fish, turtles and other sea creatures. But they also scavenged on their bigger rivals. Bite marks of their triangular, blade-like serrated teeth have been found on mosasaur and plesiosaur fossils, suggesting that it ate them after they died."

One such amazing discovery was that of a duck-billed dinosaur's foot bone which bore Squalicorax's bite marks. It is unclear whether the herbivore was attacked after it accidentally fell into the water or was already dead when the Squalicorax got to it.

Squalicorax was also called crow shark because it was believed to scavenge for food.

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