Krys, a Two-Ton Crocodile, Was Named After the Glamorous Hunter Who Shot Him for His Hide

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Krys was a massive saltwater crocodile that was shot and killed by the famous crocodile hunter of the Gulf, Krystina Pawlowski. The kill happened with a single shot at the banks of the Norman River in 1957 and not only earned her the name One Shot but also a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The two-ton Sauron with a length of 8.64m considered to be the largest crocodile ever caught was immortalized as a life-sized statue located in Normanton, Australia.

Per reports, she was deeply saddened by her actions and decided to become a conservationist afterward as this excerpt explains: "She was apparently very regretful about shooting the enormous creature, especially after realizing that they couldn’t use the skin as he was too big to move and too old to use."

The story begins with Krys meeting her husband Ron in Australia after fleeing their respective countries due to war. They settled in Karumba, a town located in the Gulf of Queensland where Ron built a shack for his family. It was by chance that they came upon the lucrative business of shooting and killing crocodiles for their hides as this excerpt elaborates: "Ron went on to build a boat from scrap parts and the couple set about to eventually become very successful and famous Crocodile Hunters of the region. Krys was quite the blonde bombshell with her iconic red lipstick and nail polish, juxtaposing the gruesome, muddy work."

According to reports, Krystina only missed three shots in her life: "Legend had it the mother-of-three only missed three shots in her lifetime and was able to hit a moving crocodile with ease - despite having never fired a rifle before she arrived in Australia just six years before her famous crocodile kill. She was also able to skin the reptiles faster than anyone else, and she would usually do it right after the kill - on the spot amid the mangroves and mosquitoes."

It is said that between the two of them, Krystina and her husband shot and killed up to 10,000 crocodiles before making the switch to becoming conservationists.

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