The Dark History Behind the Huey P Long Bridge in Louisiana

Yana Bostongirl

Eerie stories about the Huey P. Long bridge abound in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. Described as a modern engineering marvel, this 4.5-mile bridge over the Mississippi River carries 4 lanes of the US 90 highway as well as a 2-track railroad line.

The bridge, named in honor of a former Louisiana governor, was built in the years following the Great Depression and was designed by none other than Ralph Modjeski, a Polish-born American who is known for designing the famous Bay Bridge in San Francisco among others. Many have claimed to have seen Modjeski's ghost frequenting the Huey P. Long bridge as this excerpt explains: "Legend has grown up around the Huey P. Long bridge. Many say they have seen Ralph Modjeski's ghost. They relate that he walks the entire span as if inspecting every inch of it."

The story of hauntings on the bridge does not stop with that. Myths talk of trestle workers who were trapped in the cement pilings from the time when the bridge was under construction. However, no reasons are forthcoming as to how those workers got trapped in the first place.

Reports of how workers fell off the high beams and into the Mississippi River are also quite common.

Perhaps what is most disturbing about the bridge is the number of mysterious accidents, some fatal, that occur from time to time. Some motorists claim they were trying to avoid ghosts in overalls who climb over the bridge and onto the road as this excerpt explains: "Several commuters who had "near misses" in the recent past have claimed to have seen men in overalls walked abreast on the bridge, or someone climbing from over the side of the bridge and suddenly appearing in view. Swerving to avoid these "workers" modern day motorists end up in fender benders of their own."

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